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  1. I'm confused right now. Why are some shards white and others orange? 
  2. That's cool. It's not like Cannonball towers were already neglected enough.
  3. They basically did this with Yetis, woo! Screw disabling defenses. Let's disable defenses AND nearby heroes! Now while flying would make them harder for some, that'd make it way too easy to just AA them, so how about put them on motorcycles?
  4. It is SO important that we have the Console still! There are so many times where I get stuck on loading screens and need to use the console to "disconnect" or to leave games without waiting for people to G, or other situations. It's a HUGE necessity for people who are easily annoyed by the servers not working properly and freezing us in loading screens, making us wait ages for what should only take 3 seconds.
  5. Make it so you can properly change multiple settings at once. Currently if you try to change from full screen 1080p to windowed 1366x768 for example, you need to change the resolution, THEN change to windowed mode for it to do anything.
  6. Get this. It's like an EMP Orc, but an Ogre! The ground pounds have EMP effects on everything they hit, and it's like an EMP Orc boss! It'll also help encourage DPS champions even more because they need to take care of both this threat AND the lane it takes out!
  7. There should be a Chaos 7 tier grinding mode where you can play on any map or even go against C7 bosses with a billion plus HP for more diverse, fun grinding of exp and gold since it's so terribly boring doing the same four maps on regular C7 Trials.
  8. No matter what I do while hosting games, I'll put the Ascension Limit to like 250 then people with 20 Ascension join anyway and it's really annoying. Maybe have some sort of confirmation that forces the value to be saved? Or let you modify it from inside the match?
  9. We used to have this, but currently it's a major pain because you'll have gear that you think is good but suddenly you're not able to get those 7.1k+ armor drops because apparently something in your setup isn't up to snuff anymore. If you have a proper iPWR displayed (and max iPWR when upgraded) it would help LOADS with the way the current loot progression works. It's a low blow to have removed visible iPWR ratings while making it the SOLE factor to whether or not you can get better loot.
  10. As it stands, Ogres are just pathetically weak. On C7 they're coming out in a 3 player round with like 41M HP which just MELTS away so fast they can't even get anywhere. They hit sort of hard, but that doesn't matter when they die so quickly. Maybe nerf their damage slightly but give them like 1.5x their current HP? At least then they'll be somewhat comparable a threat to Siege Rollers, tho still not the same.
  11. How do I raise the ticket for Rollback? I just realized it made my Ghastly Halberd disappear too, so there's NO getting that back without a rollback :\ I submitted the request, thanks.
  12. I don't know how this happened, but when I sold all in my bags 4/6, somehow it sold all in my Bag 2 which is where I kept all my stuff. I lost a couple C5 items as well as my Frosty Duet I'd just gotten, and I'm REALLY upset because I FINALLY got the Frosty Duet after over 20 hours of gameplay looking for it and now it's gone. That's the only explanation for all my non-locked items in bag 2 to have been sold while selling bags 4/6. I'm actually not even sure if it was a sell all thing because I sold all during the round before getting it. Before my items disappeared I had entered a few C5 rounds and killed myself trying to get the map I wanted, then went back to tavern to upgrade my Frosty Duet before continuing only to find that it, as well as everything else that wasn't locked in Bag 2, had disappeared. It's beyond upsetting because I was planning on using the Frosty Duet to pass, or at least see how far I could get in, C5.
  13. So my friend just got an AL, but he doesn't have Scorched Tome so what's the build for regular AL DPS? Is it AP x Health, then spam abilities?
  14. The entire loot system in all DD games were always based on RNG though. Just keep trying, I just got my first ranged shard as well. Well, in the original though you could trade equips which made it a bit nicer if you and a friend were trying to get equips.
  15. So do I seriously just have to depend on RNG for getting decent shards? I keep getting garbage or things for classes I don't have.
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