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  1. Just logged in to get my last 2 affection levels to complete the monthly. And it's all gone now. Feels bad man
  2. I think a realistic animation in this type of game wouldn't really suit it.
  3. No but I do notice that it happens more often when the servers have really bad latency. My Ventrilo and Skype and even other games don't lag, but I'll go to my resource monitor and check DD2 and see it's hovering at 400+ ping constantly.
  4. I've had enough. I dealt with it the few times when I first started playing the game, but it's become such a big deal now that I'm nearing the endgame. I'm constantly losing my precious items that I need to continue grinding better gear. I don't have backups as bag space is limited and therefore, the item loss sets me back big time. I've just lost my IPWR 600 Phantom Pheonix builder bow. I have no back up besides my DPS bow. This should not be happening whatsoever, and it's getting to the point where I don't even want to risk switching out gear to see differences in a build due to this. It seriously occurs about 30% of the time. It happens when I equip or unequip gear. I don't spam it, it's not a graphical glitch, and the deletion is permanent. I've tried double clicking and drag and drop methods and both have deleted items. No, I'm not selling them. Selling them brings up a menu which I would automatically unallow. This doesn't bring up any menu and just removes the item.
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