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  1. That has not changed, it is a common misconception held by the 'looting = kick' crowd. When the items on the floor reach whatever the cap is for a given difficulty, they simply poof away. Stuff is only sold between waves and going from level to Tavern. That's what I thought. Which is too bad, because that would be awesome.
  2. When did they change it so loot sells during the wave? I mean, I'm all for that, but that is the main reason I'd do any kind of looting during a wave. Especially when there are hundreds of items dropping during some longer waves. I do agree with the majority of what the OP said. Just want to point that out. Especially about changing game options mid-game, and showing what stats actually affect.
  3. Deleth: I've found that Bouncers work really well against spiders. Set them up in an area either right below where they spawn behind your defenses (ddplanner.com can help you figure out where they spawn in comparison to your defenses) or on the path to your defenses. Spiders don't have huge amounts of health, and bouncers give that additional knockback effect. As to your desire to not want to level another character, I think that's just fine. Squire/Countess are easily the easiest class to completely solo with. If you do decide you want to level another character, both the Monk/Initiate and
  4. Up the base damage as mentioned by CrzyRndm and then go with a seahorse. I have to get a seahorse first :p I really need to find a good dps pet. My old 32 upgrade animus just isn't cutting it anymore.
  5. His stats are fine for entry into nightmare, he just has to play a bit more on the strategy side, rather than brute forcing it with 1k stats from purchased gear. :) This is true. I, too, started with low stats in my forays into NM. I am currently at ~700 tower stats on my countess (and 200-300 on the rest of my builders). I do fine for the lower level campaign maps on NM. I'd do HC, but I like to die. A lot. The main thing when you have low stats on NM is to make sure you take your time (as much as possible) and set things up right. Check ddplanner if you don't know the exact spawn locat
  6. Last night I got a friend to help me run Insane Aqua. I got a (decent I hope) Depth Charge: I leveled it up to 10k damage. I am wondering if I should continue leveling the main damage, since it's fire, or if I should upgrade the electrical damage for the remaining upgrades. Right now, fire-immune mobs tend to be barely affected by it, while everything else dies pretty quickly. Another thought I had was to possibly upgrade the projectile speed so I get a bit more range out of it, but longer range really is only beneficial on a few maps.
  7. Ugh. What is it about blunderbusses? You get awful trans ones all the time too. They're not very good weapons at all. What about misty? Shrooms are curious attack pets (like portable, single-target snare auras with added poison damage), but can still roll high stats for tower builders. Alternatively, if you've got a solid build for glitter, and you can do it without going mad, survival drops some nice stuff (at least in nightmare, so I imagine it's also good for insane). Plus everyone should have a hamster. It gives excellent exp (comparable to campaign) without the need to rebuild every
  8. I found one myth weapon. It was a blunderbuss with like 43 upgrades, so nothing major. The giraffe isn't too bad, and likely better than any other pet I have (I accidentally sold my chicken :( ) As for Aquanos, I am likely going to need help, as I have been unable to beat it even on hard. For the time being, I am just leveling guys now on glitter, but it's getting pretty boring.
  9. Just got my first ever giraffe (http://i.imgur.com/5aUaB.png) Surprisingly easy, if time-consuming. Probably not anywhere near the level of giraffes from NMHCMM, but still, not too terribly bad. I think I am going to modify my layout a bit in order to add some electric auras. Maybe after I get some more myth armor from Endless Spires.
  10. Something I do when I do Magus survival is not pick up ANY loot. Racking up the cash from the selling drops is much more useful than the drops itself (unless you get a very lucky mythic drop... and that won't happen till you can do NMHCMM) Can you show me a screenshot of your build or something? It would be cool to give you some tips. :) Here's a ddplan of my layout: http://ddplanner.com/?l=8001,my-test-layout I am currently getting ~1m mana per wave, which is not too bad since waves only take like 5 minutes.
  11. I'm currently doing Insane HC Survival Magus Quarters. I have to say that the difference in difficulty between insane and nightmare is tremendous. It's ridiculously easy on Insane. I did get my serpent at level 15. It had a bunch of negs and 60 ups, so not horrible, but hardly great. Also, IM on wave 20 now, and have not seen a single Mythic drop. Hopefully by 25 I will see something decent.
  12. I just hit wave 10 on NM survival of Magus Quarters. And promptly got raped by the 15 ogres that all seemed to spawn at the same time. Was cool though. Didn't get any good loot, however. And that wasn't even on HC, so I am pretty sure I have a ways to go before I am able to even contemplate getting a better pet.
  13. With your stats, you should be able to do Glitter without taking damage (assuming you are active). Perhaps look for some solid builds in the Guides section? Doing Insane on a Shards map would indeed be a bit of a challenge. The primary reason to try would be to get some solid pets. The myths that drop on Shards maps after wave 17 or more aren't really any better than Endless spires. Another NM farming option is NMHC Magus Quarters. If you can manage to beat the campaign map, then it doesn't get much harder after that. You can just survival it up, and see how far you get. You may also w
  14. A good suggestion is to work on the newer (shards 3) content on Insane. Especially aqua survival can provide some really nice loot and or pets to provide you a boost. Would I even be able to do a wave on insane in the new content? I did beat all three shards maps on medium, but they were really rough for me on the boss fights. Although I haven't done them since my huntress hit 74 and got the new bow. I may have to revisit them. I did try insane hc glitter, and I almost lost when I got a triple ogre spawn on one door. Wiped out my defenses pretty much instantly.
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