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  1. Depends on your definition of good. If you don't mind the repeated wipes and doing the same one wave over and over, then yes, it will get you the most powerful gear you can obtain. I feel it's a bit cheap so I try to do content I have reasonable shot at beating. A well-designed gear-based game should allow beating each tier of content with gear from the previous tier. That's just my personal opinion though, and others may disagree. Nah man i see where your coming from. It would get really boring just repeating the same map or wave over and over again
  2. Is that a good way to get better gear just starting out on the next difficulty?
  3. I almost forgot, just do gates of dragonfall or liferoot cause every other maps sux in NM, especially if your going solo. Oh thanks for the tip! I was just doing whatever map i could xD
  4. I assumed Electric Aura's did Magic Damage, is that a no go? I ussually do Electric Aura's + Geyser Traps
  5. Whoops, i figured it out myself, thanks anyways!
  6. Thanks for the help!, And i have enough tokens, i just kept them not knowing what to spend them on, Does Elemental Chaos turn Huntress Explosive Traps Into Magical damage, or are they still Physical?
  7. So i have a character of each class at level 50, Currently my Hero's are built like this Squire- Tower hp Monk - Tower Dmg + Tower Crit (I use monk for Physical Resist lanes) Huntress- Tower Dmg + Tower Crit (And Huntress for Magical Resist Lanes) Apprentice- Frost tower buffs. I was wondering what y'all have been trying out since i have been having some trouble with the higher ipwr nightmare mode I maps, personally my build struggles with taking out special mobs and Ogres since i'm lacking a dps class
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