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  1. Agree with the posts that state that there needs to be other ways than afk shops and the like to make decent amounts of mana - perhaps something like the ability to bet all the mana you've earned in a level for a greatly increased return for completing the level in a higher difficulty or something like that. I don't have an issue with those that play the game for hours upon hours beating me to content - I do however have an issue with the idea that I'll never ever be able to catch up because I can never earn enough mana.
  2. Mmm yeah, no. I understand you can't make everyone happy all the time but the game has gone from being what I'd consider so called 'casual' friendly to hardcore friendly. That is fine, but the DLC I bought just recently because I'd hoped things would improve will be the last. This is the last straw for me. I don't have the time to sit around through hours upon hours of survival first to get some okay weapons & armor, hours upon hours more to grind enough mana to then upgrade them, only to then have to return to mix mode and put in the same hours upon hours just to get my gear to a good
  3. Can't people just leave in silence :( always have to make a whiny thread with a whiny wall of text full of same old complaints Relatively sure nobody cares about you, no need for another bait thread Feedback (as long as it is phrased at least somewhat politely and accurately) is always useful, whether it is negative or positive. By seeing how people respond to various things it gives the Trendy team a better idea of exactly why they might have seen a drop in people playing, or a boost in people playing. People who just want to slam the 'whiners' or the 'fanbois' do not appreciate the val
  4. Regardless of where you come down on the patch, either loving it or hating it, please stop the insults, flaming & trolling. If someone makes a post you don't agree with, it is perfectly acceptable to state that you don't agree with them and to even offer a well thought out response pointing out exactly why you disagree. It is NOT okay to go out of your way to upset someone else just because they have a differing opinion than yours. Rather than try and bludgeon other people over the head with your view, accept that they may not ever be interested in seeing things as you do. I'd like t
  5. I did independent testing with a stopwatch & counting the individual shots - it's still firing at 1 shot a second.
  6. it is, you need 121 attack speed for it to increase from 1 to 1.5 So at 120 attack speed it still fires 2 shots in 2 seconds, but at 121 attack speed it fires 3 shots in 2 seconds? I'm at a bit over 110 attack speed at the moment and I'm still only getting 1 shot a second.
  7. 2 more upgrades will get you to 6045 - which is okay but not great. If you had one that had another 3 upgrades you'd be closer to 7500. But the overall point is, you can upgrade what you currently have a bit further, solo insane alch labs, and kill the boss fast enough and I'd expect easy enough that you can keep killing him till you get one that has the upgrade levels you want.
  8. That is a difficult question to answer, really. I think once you hit a moderately okay level of gear getting Maleficar's Rapier from insane Alchemy Labs is a pretty decent go to weapon. You want something with highish starting elemental damage and enough upgrade levels to get up past 6k total poison damage.
  9. As per 7.07 patch notes, particularly: [QUOTE]Attack Rate now scales correctly on Harpoon & Bowling Ball Towers, now can fire multiple times per second etc.[/QUOTE] While this is true for bowling ball towers harpoons are still firing at a rate of 1 shot a second.
  10. You'll get there. Even if you don't manage to get it, the gear you'll pick up and the upgrades you'll do will push you over barrier at some point. :)
  11. Yeah it appears that the harpoon turret still isn't firing any faster than 1 shot a second, both from dummy DPS tests and stopwatch & counting.
  12. So in both cases it only happens when you are hosting a game?
  13. I don't know why, but whenever I change my keybinds and the verify it says I need 3 files and downloads them. I change my key binds after that download, re-verify, and it says 3 again O.o Yeah I suspected something like this might happen to some people - since Steam is checking files that contain the default keybinds and finds they have changed, it's like OH I'LL DOWNLOAD THE DEFAULT VERSIONS OF THESE FILES FOR YOU AGAINS. If your game is running perfectly otherwise you shouldn't really need to verify the files.
  14. I have to do this after EVERY patch... there's always 2 files failing. Is this 2 files that prevent the game from running? Or you just verify the integrity regardless? I'm fairly sure modifying the keybindings will modify at least 1 file, possibly 2, so if you're doing that every patch..
  15. You might want to take this to either.. http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?32-PC-(Ranked)-Trading-Guides-and-Grouping http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?20-PC-(Unranked)-Trading-Guides-and-Grouping ..of those instead. :)
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