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  1. Trikk will respawn where he got killed previously. It's no bug.
  2. Gratz! Gonna get mine too some time this week. 1-3 tokens daily 3 days in a row is freaking salvage.
  3. Quick update on this: - What I did: + Lowest iPWR map 2 + Brought all 4 classes while wearing the halloween costumes with the halloween weapons. + Opened chests with each class (Round 2 3 4 5) +The Spooky version of each did spawn and were killed by towers (Note: Confirmed here that even with towers' kills you still can get the weapons, no need to kill it by hands) +Killed Trikk with each class (Round 3 4 5 6). Trikk did not spawn in round 2 for me. ... And this was the only event that happened.
  4. There are a few things I could think of: - Open a chest with a different class each wave. Chest only spawns in wave 2 3 4 5 so that you will be ready in wave 6 and that also fits in the 4 steps limit. - Spawn the spooky version, have the weapon dropped, then don't collect it, and you will have all halloween weapons on the ground. ( This seems like something next to impossible because of the RNG nature of the game, though it might worth a shot)
  5. Have you guys tried to - bring all 4 classes into the game with each carry the event weapon? - slain the boss with the "condition above"?
  6. Those DLCs that contain consumable goods are excluded from Steam's refund policy. Good day!
  7. New maps range from 200~500 iPWR range. And missing gems is just lags, try to re-enter tavern, and they should show up again.
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