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  1. Nothing worked :/ I think i'm just gonna give up on this. Goodbye 15 dollars... Thank you both for all your support and i wish you good luck in defending the crystals :D
  2. I turned off my antivirus and tried it but it didn't work.
  3. I have tried the #1 except for turning off firewall because i did not want to risk it. I might try turning off my antivirus thing while trying to get in. Thank you both for your support
  4. I haven't tried changing my server. How do i do that? I have tried it at different times.
  5. ´╗┐´╗┐Also, now after about 3 mins it says "matchmaking error" at the top then under that it says "sorry your request has timed out"
  6. I got this game in pre-alpha and at first it would be stuck in searching for session forever and ever. Then i tried verifying game cache integrity(or w/e it's called), reinstalling, and changing settings which then made it so that after about 5 mins it just goes back into main menu like nothing happened. I am really sad and mad about this because i've had this game for so long and i haven't been able to play it ONE SINGLE BIT. When i tried to refund, they didn't allow me 'cause all the time trying to get into the game made it look like i played it for over 30 hours................................................ and it was past 14 days since i bought it. Please help
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