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  1. You are now banned because 3,421 posts is never enough.... MOAR MOAR gimme MOAR
  2. Banned for playing XBOX. You're banned for not being a playstation fan boy
  3. not the same topic but i never got a daily at reset today. wonder if thats related
  4. odd dailys never reset today. oh well
  5. i thought they reset at 12am cdt but so far nothings reset today
  6. thank you for the clarification then. another question if u dont mind me asking. are there going to be any more full wipes to the game. just got into the testing myself and im curious. someone in another thread (forgot which) claimed there was one coming but all the official sources seem to say there arnt any planned. you seem to know a bit so hoping you can answer this as well:D
  7. thx for the info, did it used to b4 40 or something. just watched the trailer video for the loot and survive patch that involved wipeageddon and all that. and he clearly states that its unlocked at lv 40. guess things changed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP7B6kjObqM which is trendys youtube patch. at 1:26 it stats that at lv 40 you unlock nightmare lv 1-4. maybe they should remake the vid lol
  8. just reached lv 40 and ipwr 160 and im wondering how to unlock nightmare mode. in the loot and survive video it states that you unlock it at lv 40 but its not unlocked for me. anyhelp /answers will be appreciated. seeing as i cant progress anymore
  9. thank you very much for the quick reply's. much appreciated
  10. when do dailys reset how do i get wyvern tokens how do i get the egg shaped currency used for evolving pets? any help answering these questions will be appreciated. looked around online but it seems info is scarce and the game has changed alot from its previous alpha stages
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