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  1. Better spelling and grammar makes it seem more proffesional
  2. Ive stopped playing since the UMF patch. Just waiting for the nightmare mode to be released, and hope theres not ^200 gear. which is unlikely
  3. umf patch -- need to pay to continue playing stopped dd
  4. I'm sorry but has anything trendy released recently require tower builds?
  5. Staves with different projectile arc patterns please.
  6. Thoughts about this? 4 chokepoints on lab. 4 poison gasses or 4 auras.
  7. all 4 of us got 60upped giraffe on insane mix... talk about chances? The people who havent gotten ^60 might have not posted in this thread.
  8. The idea of having to stay on to sell is stupid. Use the money youre spending on electricity and buy mana with it. Plus you get to keep your items.
  9. To be fair though, it would probably cost him about 1 billion to fully upgrade the ^80 chickens.
  10. one billion mana? Man, theres other games out there..
  11. So OP is complaining about auras and DPS?
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