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  1. Didn't check back in a while, my bad.. too much to reply to you are not flamethrowers are good and allows to progress any map, same with PDT if you cant even do wave 3 you are doing some wrong placement We can do wave 3, but our gear is capped at this point for this level and what we really need is more shards, which we can't get because we can't actually complete it. We use squire walls, flamethrowers and PDTs with maxed shard loadouts of what we have available. Friend uses AD Huntress with gato fireworks and I use ability power pole smash monk with encouragement for siege rollers.
  2. progression is in a very poor state right now due to the recent mangling of shard placement, leechers are a symptom of this and should dwindle if the devs decide to fix it
  3. Me and a friend recently came back to the game after a while (he played a bit inbetween), and the recent rebalancing of when you get shards seems to have seriously screwed the early game experience when attempting to make the C1-C2 transition. We have tried many different combinations of towers (including the ones deemed as the best options) by the community with good placement, yet it's just not possible to break into C2. I don't know if it's because we have the default 4 classes, but we have C1 capped gear and the shards we have access to. I see that a lot of shards were changed and put past
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