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  1. Thats confused me alot too. So much answers like "dunno, in progress, later". Ok, than main question is - how you planning release for pc and nintendo switch to october 19? Its will be pre-alpha with 1 map and 1 character to play?
  2. But we want to know this details now. I must understand is it worth 100$ or not. Really cool feature or just "private room with music". If you present this feature like key bonus for 100$ pledge, give us something more than "its cool private room". Or i want so much?
  3. +1. Atm its looking like dd1 + content from dd2. Its not bad, but not so good, because graphic in dd1 was been ok for 2011, not now. imo dd2 visual style was great. Dda must take it + gameplay from dd1 + maps and some nice moves from dd2 (im not about micro-transactions). Upgraded pets system was fun, for example.
  4. Thats will be ok, but i want see reply from devs. I want be sure there no advantage in game from higher price, only cosmetic bonuses.
  5. Dont ignore my question, please. Im very interested what version to buy. Will be there any bonuses like +% chance to get better gear, +% exp bonuses from VIP Secret Room or not?
  6. Devs, can you explain please in depth, what advantages in game process i will got with this? I want to understand how much "no microtransactions" here...) Its speed up my leveling or pets growth or? Or its just way to show how VIP i am?
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