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  1. bump maybe have the heros be around a x-mas tree?
  2. I am just hoping that there could be an x-mas theme wallpaper for dungeon defenders that we could use that is in hd quality. Just would like to see a new wallpaper up for the game.
  3. well i went into the first level on medium again and only put down two electric auras because just losing is not in my blood. I though I would go down in the first few waves but I got to wave 11 before they finally got though (only one did lol) and I lost and got the achievement. So, I was happy about getting the achievement and very surprised at how well only two electric auras did.
  4. Ok so I am looking at all of the levels on pure strrategy and they say "best wave: 11" or higher. So my question is why do I not have the achievement?
  5. I do see a lot of problems with bugs and glitches on the forums but not really any one place to put them. I hope to see this become a sticky but until then i will try and keep this alive. (Also, if there is a place already it should be up top where the suggestions redirect is) Format for putting up your glitch. System: what you are running (xp 64 bit) repeatable: are you able to repate this glitch with ease, if so how. Screen shot of it: posted or link to it if possible. Severity of glitch: table is invisible 1 - game crashes and everything is lost 10 Patch: what patch ar
  6. 100% upgrade would have been OP as ****. Third, but I really would like to feel OP if only for a little while
  7. I did just now restart steam and I am now able to do survival not sure about the importing to open. Now it the game could close properly that would be sweet.
  8. Ok first I am not able to export my characters to open to test my weapons upgraded. I have done this before and it worked but not now. Also, I am not able to go into survival or pure strat any more. the options are just not there anymore. I tried to have it validate game chase (or what ever its called) and it found two files that it replaced like it always does but that didn't do anything. Also, when I quit the game it still runs in the background and I have to turn it off in task manager and this problem has been happening since release day. I have windoes xp 64 bit edition and maybe
  9. the 24. Sorry guess I should have put 24th because that is thanksgiving.
  10. More like a suggestion really. Can we get more concept art out for the costumes other then just apprentice and squire before they do come out. I really do think concept art is really cool but i feel your trying to shot for the 24th by the latest (just kind of makes sense). So just hoping to see more of the why things may look I guess.
  11. Also, please DO NOT post if you have never done MIX MODE about how easy/hard it is, and how it should or should not be changed. So don't respond at all? Ok got it. Wont talk at all about how only you can be right ether then.
  12. In the east side cavern there are missing mushumos that give off blue light that are gone but the blue light is still there. Also, in the same area right were there is a fall with a chest there should be a fence there but its not showing but you can't walk where it should be. Just two bugs I have seen and thought I should point out.
  13. With the change to the loot being in waves and such is the loot droped by enemies in survival able to get up to godly level if you get up to a good amount of waves? Would find out myself but am at school right now taking a brake.
  14. Any one else think this maybe a good or bad idea?
  15. Any ideas about this would be helpful or is it just hard to read?
  16. Even though that would be cool to see it would make the game easier because it would be a smaller percent resistant to an element. Say you have 100 enemies now and they go though an electric aura 10 - 20 may not get hit. If there are more resistances then that same 100 enemies only 5 - 10 may survive to be a threat to you thus making it easier to win. Like a said it would be cool to see but it would really make the game much easier.
  17. If it is not random then it should be a lot more expensive, say 50k - 100k, because it can truly be a custom weapon for you. The reason I put it as random is so that it could be a little bit cheaper and maybe easier to code so that they could just have the color skim they all ready use and thus may come out sooner.
  18. Sorry, I know this is probably not in the right section but I am trying to figure out how to get a signature into my posts because I am not finding a way to do that in My profile.
  19. Alright, thank you for the link. That is very cool.... just freaking meens I have now 8 (or 4 if I feel lazy) to raise up to 70 (or 80 if they come out after the level rise)
  20. - Change jump height to be slightly higher so its easier to get over your own towers, especially when theyre at the top of stairs I think a great way to do this is if you have your jump height increase a little bit with your player speed.
  21. The color of item is just that color it doesn't help just may just look cool or stupped my squire carring around a giant pink sword is funny but the item shape is very cool (just doesn't match). So, I will perpose that the tavern keep can change the color of and item that you are holding for ~10k and will give it a random set of color that it could all ready have. I say only 10k because that is cheap and it a random effect. I think this would be something that would help you feel that your items are yours and not just a ramdom drop. Any thought about this idea would be helpful. (also could
  22. A new class to me would imply that what they can do would be different then what can all ready be done. With that said it would be very cool to be able to have new people that can do new things I don't really see that happening, adding 4 new 'classes' into the game at once. Skins would just make a bit more sense. If you can give me a link to them saying they are new classes then i will gladly shut up.
  23. So, my idea is to have a jackpot system (or call it bonus) to be able to make getting mana easier and it would make a lot of sense. First the jackpot would get money from items that disappear meaning that if you don't use the mana on the ground (like you can't pick it up fast enough) or can't pick up items on the ground that will disappear at some point if to many get dropped (this would also help stop people from taking item because it will just disappear anyway) and add it to a jackpot that get divided evenly to every one and the end of the wave ( or map, incentive to stay). Having it like
  24. Just wondering if we will be able to do this with the characters we all ready have (change the gender). And if so will it be in with the edit character like changing costume or would we have to pay for it like a re-spec. Also, I think if we have to pay the first patch should make it free so we can just mess around a little and then put a price on it.
  25. I do enjoin a time limit how ever I do think the first wave shouldn't have a timer so that you are able to talk to people about a plain before everything starts. Then the rest of the waves should just have the normal build timer. Any thoughts to this idea.
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