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  1. The mythical accessories for the base costume still require exp gain before you can unlock them.
  2. I haven't been able to test this on any other accessories but I noticed the Monk's Eternity Mark and Defense Sleeve are no longer gathering exp. They're stuck at ranks 3 and 2 respectively and the next bubble isn't show any signs of gain even after dozens of missions.
  3. Pretty sure they have different base stats. It specifically mentions the Ranger starts with more hitpoints and is slower than the Huntress.
  4. Im fine with the DLC costing money. Im actually used to these things costing money so I cant understand why people are complaining about it. Its not even expensive. People can go check out F2P games and they will learn that everything really costs money there... I've actually seen like 8+ "Why are people complaining?!?! OMG!" threads and almost no threads complaining that the DLC should be free. If you pay attention in this one we're not complaining that it costs money, we're complaining that we were not forewarned. Like me, I won't be able to afford this DLC for a long while because I dec
  5. The DLC costing money came as a complete surprise to me as well. I also have a tight budget, being a student, so I don't even know when I'll be able to afford it. Spent my last $5 on Monday too...
  6. I don't have one but I saw an Animus that was nearly the size of a player once. Pretty crazy.
  7. Everything besides their height makes them seem older. Only the Monk's head is even chibi sized. The rest are fairly normal. Exactly, which is why I don't care for the OP's complaints. Nothing makes sense in first place. Problem solved, now I'm only here to socialize. :P
  8. I've thought of them being pre-teens at most. Their speech tones don't give the impression of being older than that to me. They're about half the size of the tavernkeeper though which, to me, puts them at < 10. I think that's when I could finally see eye to stomach with my elders anyway...
  9. And about the avatar, thank you, took lots of time to find the "right" one, wanted it to reflect the fact that aprentice is my most played character ^^ I've always been a fan of wizards and that particular style for them. Soon as I heard about the game my eyes fell on the apprentice and I went "There's me!" :)
  10. You have a point. Nowhere in her description does it ever say if she's an elf, human, or any other race. The assumption is easily made though since she has the characteristic pointy ears. The dark elves have very similar ears too. There is also the argument that they made up their own strain of elves straying slightly from the popular Tolkien and D&D elves. They could mature faster or age the same but not reach full height until a later date, we just don't know. Only gripe I have with that is all the others are clearly children, she's also the trainee of a hero so she should be a child? It
  11. Am i the only one who's never actually perceived the characters as children? You might be since the opening cutscene says they are the younger kin of the heroes of the realm. They're also tiny compared to the tavernkeeper and the world around them appears to have been built for much larger beings. They're roughly the same size as goblins and much shorter than orcs. Edit: Also, I love your avatar. :D
  12. Elves in D&D reach physical maturity at age 110. Elves in middle earth (LoTR) reach physical maturity at 50. Actually, I can't think of any fictional setting where elves age at the same rate as humans.... Actually elves in the various D&D settings were what I was primarily thinking of. They age like humans up until late teens then stop. They remain childlike emotionally until after their first century. You're almost right about Tolkien's elves except that they are fully grown in height by 50 and enter puberty anywhere from 50-100. The huntress doesn't fall under either category as
  13. The thing about the elf argument I find invalid is that in every fantasy setting I know of with elves they tend to age exactly like humans do until the late teens, then they pretty much stop aging for the next 500+ years. It does make me wonder what the character designer was thinking, but I don't really care much. As far as I'm concerned she's just a child-like entity that takes up the bottom half of my screen while I play and annoyingly keeps aiming at walls I pass too close to.
  14. They will be charging for expansion dlc I think... free dlc includes things like the halloween map/event but im guessing things like the new maps or rooms might cost a few bucks =o Well, damn. As a student all my money goes to ramen and books so it looks like I'll be lacking DLC for a while. :(
  15. "I wish they were OP again" If only they'd even admit that they were OP. "Squire wasn't OP, everything else was UP." Riiiight...
  16. Yep, even on ranked servers. The best they can do is ban them and try to block whatever method of hacking they were using. Hacking can pretty much never be completely eradicated. Even Battlefield 3 had hackers the day after the beta first launched, and that's a huge multimillion dollar budget game.
  17. People can hack their weapon's stats though and my guess is it keeps those values when traded. The auction house could end up flooded with hacked items.
  18. Also, the developers themselves said before the game even released that it would be soloable with any of the 4 classes (im referencing totalbiscuit's WTF video, correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think so. I think they said you could solo but they never said you could stick to one particular class and beat every mission solo with that one. They said the whole reason for the swap hero function is so you can get a good mix of defenses.
  19. They can make the fireball towers do a much bigger splash and way more dmg.. And fire resistant enemies will still walk right through it. They can even add new towers and stuff. Only if they completely replaced existing towers. Adding a bunch of new towers on top of what we have already would over complicate things. I mean reworking the character and making them better any way they can. This game's development time went on way too long as it is. Having to completely redesign a class just because another is more powerful is a waste of time, might as well just nerf the OP one. The
  20. The squire needed to be nerfed, it's just the way the game mechanics work. The apprentice is supposed to have the DPS towers and the squire is supposed to have the defensive towers. Because the squire's towers are all physical damage he can ignore all elemental affinity and his damage numbers were high enough to beat the apprentice's even without factoring in the affinity issue. Because affinity is always going to be, and is supposed to be, a problem for the apprentice the class wasn't viable at all. Thus no amount of buffing the apprentice would make him on par with the squire. That of course
  21. Don't know who u r, don't really care. Non avatar also mean you're clueless about making good build and suck just as hard as you re-try for the 99 times on easy map. So that's what lacking an avatar means. Oh my, what a faux pas on my part. Oh cussing is for loser hence the censor feature was put into place and stars on your post also mean you're a non factor that i shouldn't even bother replying to. You did reply to me though, and I was not using profanity. FYI that depressing guy, he was trolling all my other posts none stop. People like you shouldn't get emotional attach. You re
  22. Guys please don't get my thread locked. I'm trying to be less of an *** here. Mea culpa. The word isn't even that perverse in the context I'm using it in. Oversensitive censors sadly, it's an apt description of Eric Cartman though. Just figured if he wants to base his analysis of someone's personality on their avatar he should consider his own first.
  23. Your avatar is other indication you're a depression troll that hate anyone that out spoken about balance. And your avatar is an indication that you're a s*****ic narcissist who thinks the world revolves around you? O_o Edit: Okay, just to be clear the word I intended to type in is not a swear word, it is a personality disorder of which the character (Eric Cartman) displays. The forums have oversensitive censors.
  24. Hopefully I can "fix" the game once modding comes around. You're still complaining about the Squire nerf? It had to be done mate. The Apprentice was not viable at all because the Squire's towers had more hp, dealt more damage, and ignored all elemental affinity. The Apprentice's main DPS towers are both elemental damage so he was SOL and frequently got kicked for wasting DU. Also this is a game that is getting frequent content updates, you should have realized things will change. It's like League of Legends, they're always adding new heroes and re-balancing the old ones. I've heard they'll
  25. 1. Temporarily lock games that have entered the combat phase of the final wave Joining a game that is basically already over and won't even offer you the chance to play is a waste of time. 2. Make the difference between Open and Ranked clearer All too often we're getting posts on the forums complaining about having spent 90+ hours leveling in open, only to find ranked is where progressing characters actually matters. Most people start out in open because they think ranked is for min-maxing and competitive play. They realize though that ranked is where the more secure gaming experience
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