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  1. Yes, the EV is a fun unique class, but she still lacks in a few areas. However, I realized something that I'm sure some others have realized at this point. She can equip 2 guns. Obviously. So my main gun is an extremely high DPS weapon... and my second gun is the Aperture Science portal gun! During combat phases I DPS enemies, switch to portal gun, throw up a portal, switch back to DPS... rinse and repeat. I can completely lock down 2 spawn gates on nightmare mode by DPSing, portaling, and decoy placeing. So much fun. So get your portal guns out!
  2. Well, you're stats definitely arent of a "fresh" squire. I startrted doing ES at about 200-300 and that was a pain. Got gear similiar to yours before I completed the map, though. Well, when I hit 74 I had about 15 million mana saved up, which I used to scour shops and buy a set of myth gear. All my upgrades on the gear are purely damage resistance, no tower upgrades at all.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIywk1nwMm0 Thought this might help new players. This setup works even with just Godly gear, although entry-level myths are recommended to lessen the stress of repairing. edit: realized that by the time I got around to making this video I was actually a lv 75 squire!
  4. Im making a tower squire.. I have great mythical pristine gear and my total tower stats are between 500-700 on all 4 categories, with plenty of hero stats too. This is with level 1 gear. What should I upgrade on my gear? I thought I read somewhere you need to upgrade the general damage resistance instead of allocating points to tower stats. Can you help on this? And what pet am I after? Also, weapon-wise, do I upgrade base damage or should I be looking for a pure tower stats weapon, upgrade tower stats, and just rely on my towers to do work?
  5. Just to be clear, you are talking about doing Mistymire on HC, right? I have a feeling that will take a looooooooooong time =(
  6. I hadn't played since before the Eternia shards. I had level 70s of each class and quit due to lack of content and the advent of superloot, which at the time, was only acquirable after spending 4 hours in survival mode. Anyways... I'm back, and I played the 2 new eternia shards levels, I got my Squire to 74 and bought him some starter Mythical gear, and I now have enough gear to finish NMHC Endless Spires solo. My question is where should I go from here? What levels/modes should I be doing (and are they soloable with squire?) to get better stuff? Do I need to level my huntress to use as
  7. Seems like another issue could be easily remedied if Trendy just made disappearing loot auto-sell instead of just evaporating. That way people wouldn't feel like it was being wasted and spend time picking crap up and then selling them manually to the shop afterwards.
  8. Haven't frequented these boards much at all lately. Basically I bought the quest for the eternia shards DLC and played MistyMire and was then informed it was the only mission available at the time. Does that mean the other 3+ missions will be released later and just automatically playable, or will I be forking out ADDITIONAL money for each 1 campaign mission? Please don't be the latter or I'm afraid I'm done playing since I don't think 1 campaign mission merits 3 or 4 dollars.
  9. Me and my buddy did the first eternia mission, Mistymire, on medium. At the end, it said I unlocked a new outfit 'Assassin' (I was on my huntress) I couldnt find this outfit anywhere. Who is it for? And secondly, after beating the level we did not see the next level open up. It still shows Mistymire as the only available level on Eternia quest. . . what do we need to do?
  10. I don't mind a loot counter but the mob counter is extremely useful. You can use it to time when your going to get certain groups like Ogres, Ninja, or Wyverns. How? When I play the mob counter is backlogged like 2+ entire waves.
  11. On the 2nd wave, allow 4-5 enemies to get to your crystal. Once it gets close to being defeated, kill off all but 1 enemy. Then let the last enemy chisel it down below 100.
  12. I have a 70 Huntress with great gear. A 46 up bone bow with 3.3k base damage and piercing shots for 55k I have all the animus and guardians, including the app guardian steam id: womb_raider
  13. Their giant fan spread is what really hurts them. Either way you will have whiners and complainers. Leave it, and its a pretty crappy ranged attack compared to huntress Change it, and huntress becomes less viable as app and monk are basically now huntresses with different abilities.
  14. Let's face it. If you want super loot, chances are you are somewhere around 3 hours invested in Insane Alch right now, trying to train your dog to be able to repair the towers while you actually play another game. Challenges are worthless right now. Why not have each challenge award you the token item and also a randomly generated piece of armor, with insane challenges having a chance of being super loot? You know how when you beat a boss level, you get the item + some random armor? Just like that. This way, people can do meaningful, hard, but most importantly VARYING content, either
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