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  1. http://steamcharts.com/app/236110 Keep in mind those figures include multiple DD2 Events as well. Roughly 2k and shrinking for a free game. The rest of your comments in the last 48hrs are pretty transparent and laughable so there's little reason to respond. I would like to share a little history about gigazelle though. When TrendyEnt decided to pivot away from the moba I remember him being one of the first and most active members of the community to join The Defense Council. There's a reason why he has that giant crest next to his forum name; gigazelle would spend every waking day contrib
  2. I never said it was the sole reason, that's you projecting. What trading will do is create another layer of incentive and stickiness for people to continue playing the game. Another layer to keep players around. Which is always important and a core feature of most loot-based games. With nearly two years of development it's exactly the right time to tinker with a trading system. 18,000 people at one point gave DD2 a try. I'm guessing when they plunged into the loot-based sequel they assumed trading awesome loot with friends would be a feature. Don't you? It's a shame it's not. So much lost p
  3. Trading and loot is synonymous with Dungeon Defenders. Which is why its fusion with tower defense made it the breakaway hit it became. Lacking those mechanics is missing a core portion of what made the game sticky and memorable. Farmers are the DD2 playerbase now. The only people who still play DD2 are those 1500 players farming NM alone for hours on end. So god forbid trading exists so the userbase grows and us casuals can enjoy the game with friends. Have you played a loot based game with friends before? You seem to be experiencing a disconnect on why people find them enjoyable. You do
  4. its a loot based coop game. it must have a trading system. and there are many (some are easy) methods to prevent "commerce" trust me, its better as is. We had been playing in this way for a while. And no issues, add trading and you will need to invest in anti hacking, anti scamming, a lot of security craps. It's better to avoid that and stay as is, so Trendy can invest in new maps, chars and others. Trading adds more issues than gains. Our community is good, and in part is because we don't have trading, so scammer and hackers doesn't see a place for them on our game. What are you talk
  5. Built a gaming PC for my girlfriend and we plan on playing a bunch of awesome co-op games through the summer. The one game I thought she'd LOVE is Dungeon Defenders 2 which blends the platforming of Mario, loot from Diablo, and charm of Pixar! It's been a long time since I played DD2, (over a year) and logging in today i noticed a lot of cool features and neat changes but.. where are the maps? Why so few? I imagine the vast majority of casual users play DD2 for the adventure of new maps to explore as they stuff their pockets full of loot and treasure. Why so few with nearly 2+ years in de
  6. Ooooh! But it doesn't premiere until June 1st. Not gonna lie, I'm a big fan of Lee Pace. Pushing Daisies was amazing and I was so sad when it was cancelled. Did anyone else watch that show? Lee Pace is absolute sex. If you haven't seen the relatively obscure film, The Fall, I'd highly recommend seeking it out! I won't taint your experience by expressing my opinion of the feature, I will say Pace carries the production on his shoulders brilliantly. Go in blind and enjoy Pace at his best.
  7. On the waterfront, eh? :D You may want to check out Berkley. GL on your move!
  8. When: May 30th Where: Your WiiU Why: Blue shelling fools is cathartic Miiverse Account: MintLemonade One of my most anticipated titles of the year! Spent countless hours going bumper to bumper with friends on N64. Anyone plan on picking this one up?
  9. I really don't see why you needed to insult me? I don't insult you over your opinion.... I apologize for the comments classic22. It was meant to be satirical. Thus for the mention of ingame boosts (none exist) and green tea. Hope to catch ya sometime this playtest and make it up to ya! I'm really not a bad guy. :)
  10. My personal perspective on this goes against the grain. I've always resented the fact that people need to show off their fortune (like rich people). I would like to think that any kind of thank you gift, would be a very minor cosmetic change to the character, not special kind of loot, because it creates the potential to divide the community. Just my two cents though :) Let me take that burden off you shoulders, I'll take your pet. Live with a clear conscience. Also, do you need those in-game council booster packs then? Eat or be eaten, ya know? ...I need some green tea...
  11. Ah, okay. Well, it sounds like this problem still persists in AI War. Was a remedy ever presented? Perhaps some embers still exist that could benefit DD2. Edit: Just read your AI update, totally understand what you want now! ha! Layering a local cap or something akin to it sounds interesting. You should post a question in the QA thread and see how the producers feel about it. The idea definitely has potential.
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