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  1. Griffon - deeper well wave 15 Hawk - ramparts wave 15
  2. D6 31^ nos, 7m for this? or let me know the price =P steam: dunzo Please talk to me via steam group, info is on the front page
  3. Price: 30mil http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021129019/screenshot/649870992049859132/? Steam name: Niistaja Sorry, thats not worth 30m, its not perfect :/
  4. I can stop playing anytime that I want to. I've done it a dozen times now. suuuuure u have :) i bet u've not slept since release
  5. 3) Not needed. Barbarian weapons can simply be a pair of axes contained in one item. Asking them to upgrade multiple weapons isn't fair to them. Neither is allowing other classes to dual-wield. trendy said the barbarian will have two unique weps (e.g. offhand mainhand)
  6. *cries* waiting for the monk ranged damage buff to upgrade this saving up money since these are so expensive to upgrade... i have 60m which my friend is holding 30m of.. please hurry need to spenndn moneeey!
  7. I"m offering 28 million for E2 - 109/52/6/94/36 - Godly Electric Couteau Add me: dennisguo Steam player finder is broken right now, so i am unable to add you. There is multiple links on the first page of this, to me and my steam group. Please join my steam group and contact me there. Thank you!
  8. Unfortunately the only viable competition is fireballs or magic missiles. Best dps for the DU. MM beat Fireball on single target dps MM=3DU FB=5DU MMx5=FBx3 = 15DU 4K DPS Per FB 2.5k DPS per MM MM=(2.5kx5) MM=12.5k DPS FB=(4kx3) FB=12k DPS
  9. This was posted 4 days ago and can surely be answered with a simple yes or no. I'd hoped we had turned a corner when we finally got a response from JPeters, yet we are back to being ignored once again. All we want to know is why is this taking so long and how much longer will it take? Please don't insult us by claiming you are not ignoring us. It takes no more than 2 minutes to answer these questions, yet we are expected to believe nobody has been able to spare 2 minutes in the full week since our last response. they have a lot of work to do for a team of like 20, they dont have tim
  10. Just an idea, you might want to make your shop more accessable by redesigning it, feel free to look at my shop for an idea of what i mean tiny.cc/MNGO
  11. lol mate turn up your graphics <3
  12. we can deduce that the collective of your steam group has spent 95 days worth of hours playing dungeon defenders in the last 19 days. Things we could do in this time: - build houses for the poor. - travel the world - watch all seasons of the "star trek" tv show. - watch king zora move out of you way, twice. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2puxhwfmmfq) rofl! :d
  13. My DD steam group of 25 player has clocked over 2293 hours!
  14. Personally, I am for Swapping, I like being able to build all the defences. For example, I do free runs through halloween hard and insane, and its nice to be able to get 3 lower level players in and not have to worry about their stats!
  15. Totally debateable. With my sicarius i do 91k, my van wolf i do 81k. also after doing a 12 hour survival i found more light immune then poisen, so if you dont mind the spread id say sicarious is on top after the nerf. my sicarious was 116 base dmg, my van wolf was 68 base. although my wolf is missing one upgrade, wont close the 10k gap. btw my gear is crap atm. it also depends on how close to perfect each weapon was? Can we get a couple screen shots to help compair?
  16. Just a little tip mate, if you make the screen shots full screen they load faster! :)
  17. ATM Van wolfstein, Trendy need to buff the sicarius to make it anywhere near as good as the VW
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