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  1. Alright, makes sense! Thanks for the info! :-) An no, I won't be getting it then. I find that other costumes look much better for a better price. I'll rather get those and other stuff. :-)
  2. Did anyone get this yet? Show your support and help us keep cool new stuff comin’ by splurging 4800 gems on the Guardian of Fire elemental variant! Exclusive to the Huntress as our first experimental variant, Guardian of Fire comes with 31 legendary accessories. Show her off as our way of saying thank you for being a dedicated Defender! Would be nice to know what those 31 legendaries are. It says "accessories", but 31?! If the package includes a full ipwr700 builder and a dps set, I'm down for it! Got gems to spend but don't want to straight up burn them for crap so I'm looking for feedback if anyone has bought this yet or has any additional information. Thanks! :-)
  3. Thanks for the write-up, looking forward to the rest! So HD primarily and AP seconday?
  4. So, any ideas which way to go now? Leveled a dps huntress fresh to 50 yesterday, I knew they'd patch this, didn't expect them to be this quick. :-/ Crit dmg still viable or should I focus on AP now?
  5. For me it dropped yesterday on Engame Incursion Liferoot NM2 from an Ogre on the last wave.
  6. Thanks for the screenshot! Man, the requirements don't look pretty! :-/ Not in it for the pet but for the WT's. It's going to be a grindy month for sure! :-(
  7. Would somebody be so nice and post a screenshot of the monthly quest requirements and reward? I'm at work for another 6 hours or so, I would really like to see what awaits me tonight! :-) Thank you! :-)
  8. I read somewhere they didn't want a "game browser" kinda thing. As a software developer and designer I can understand why. Yet we still need a fix for the problem and my suggestion would merely be an extension to the current implementation. (I do agree though, a real game browser is really needed!) I'm "game hoping" right now, starting quick matches, finding no players, leaving (while reducing my social score) and rejoining a different diff/map combination. It's frustrating and my social score must be -9000 by now! ;-) This also puts unnecessary strain on the servers as far as creating/destroying games goes.
  9. When selecting a difficulty/map combination, it should display a little number showing how many active players there are in public games. Often I load a map to find no active games and no joiners, so I leave and have to try a different combination. People are so spread out across so many different map settings, it seems like a ghost town at most times. It would be easier to find public groups and as a game host it would be easier to find players joining your own game.
  10. Good suggestion, I fully support this!
  11. Level progress during combat is there. I didn't notice it myself until around 50 hrs played so, there is that... Look at your avatar. It has a yellow bar on the left side, filling up from bottom to top. That's the level Progress (ie experience bar) I would also like to be able to manage my inventory during combat. Sometimes you pick something up and clicked too quickly, it would be nice to be able to check the item out during combat after it has been picked up and more importently, being able to sell trash during easy waves.
  12. Yes, I beg you, please extend the loot event for the weekend! I've been leveling non-stop to get all 4 heroes to 50 and after I get off work the weekend starts and I'll have a chance to gear up. Knowing my luck, it's going to be the exact moment when the event ends. :-/ It would be very very awesome of you to extend the event for one farming weekend! :-) Having played during the short timeframe where the event was off (after patch), I'm not sure how I can go back to regular loot. But I got the CE-Upgrade yesterday, I'm here to stay no matter what! :-)
  13. Whatever happens, I just hope they don't wipe character experience. Loot is fine but not the exp! I started 2 weeks ago and have played 100 hours thus far. (I'm full-time employed but still managed) and I only have 3 Levels left to get my 4th hero to lv 50. I'm starting successful NM1 liferoot runs now, it would suck having the exp reset and having to do another 100 hrs grind again. :-(
  14. Just to add some valuable info: Lv 50 loot starts dropping at maps/difficulty settings of ipwr200. From there you can make assumptions that ipwr 160-199 drops around lv 44 - 48 loot. Something along those lines...
  15. Either this or a hotkey to sell (like e=pickup, f=equip, c=sell) would be awesome indeed!
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