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  1. huntress weapon called the tri charge. shoots a strait shot of plasma until it hits an enemy or goes far enough and explodes to a cone of damage
  2. I am not shocked that it is being made but did not expect to see it so soon. i had to wait two years for the first one, this should be pretty easy,
  3. my summoner is my best hero with stats barely over 2000. my only other character that is nearly as good would be my barbarian with a dps at 8m. i waited two years for the game to come out, and have been playing it since day one. you would think that i would have better gear
  4. the first 50 hours of this game is probably the most fun i have had. its pretty casual (until you get to nightmare) and is a lot of fun
  5. I shall take that trash off your hands for freeI would love to have that jester set. currently my jester is my second highest level at 82
  6. i voted for the wrong option because i did not know the patch went up.
  7. I am kind of getting tired of farming the same maps over and over again, so i think i will have to take a break from dungeon defenders for a while. In the last two weeks I have played this game over +150 hours trying to farm to nightmare, and then kings game came out. I fell in love with this map as soon as I played it. it meant no more farming for hours to hardly make a difference in my character. with the new update my character can not beat the level, and i realized once i get gear good enough to beat more maps, its just farming the harder maps till i can beat everything... and then what
  8. I got so happy when hitmon said the map is good the way it is. i'm sad to see this post.
  9. what i dont like is how 20 people who all have good items are complaining on the forums and now getting what they want. but all the people who are not on the forums and are weak now lose something that helps them out.
  10. So you know this map is the most fun i have had in the game for a while, so don't make it too hard
  11. what if the jesters towers had a random effect like fire harpoons or rubber swords
  12. Agreed. I got nervous when i saw someone post this. I think the map is great for lower level 70's and people who are kinda stuck in a place. im glad to see that trendy likes it the way it is to
  13. by far best map and its a ton of fun
  14. i would really like to have the enternia shards dlc so i can play it with my bro
  15. i was talking with a friend i met on dungeon defenders and he came up with the suggestion that if the summoner carries two rocks they should turn into geodude. He also said that you should be able to turn 6 into onyx. i think trendy should start working on this.
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