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  1. Message [CG] Philip on Discord
  2. Just want to chime in with the comment that Trendy doesn't exist anymore and it's Chromatic Games. I'd love to see more communication though. When the dev tracker only shows the 5 last post and they're all from the same dev going back a week, it feels like crickets.
  3. It's so hit and miss some times. I often join a glitterhelm challenge and it never lets me in. I have to restart the game as it's stuck loading. When hosting, if I invite someone to the lobby after just launching the game, the map gets stuck loading. If I start the map and then invite, it loads instantly and they join quickly. If I have played a few maps and form a lobby, I have no issue with starting a game with people in my lobby. Only when it is a fresh start. I've also seen that when I join games, I'm stuck loading until the round finishes. I feel like it should just pl
  4. Can I ask how? The spread on it makes it near useless from a distance when going after single target. The focuser was better for bosses and any large target which is normally the use of hero damage.
  5. The triple threat is a lot worse than the Soul Focuser. Major disappointment there for people who hadn't got a great roll SF drop. If the mechanics of the gun worked the same and it was just a rename it wouldn't be an issue but the spread on the new crossbow makes it worthless unless you're in a mobs face.
  6. From what they've given us, you either get to keep one or the other, they can't merge the two.
  7. So your play and legacy are both showing your play profile?
  8. If you haven't already played since the steam "launch" then it was automatically moved to "Play". No reason to deal with the transfer tool if you are already in the Play ecosystem.
  9. It would be nice if the hero deck (H) when in the tavern just opened the hero swap screen with a view of heroes like tiles where you can freely swap them one for another by drag and drop.
  10. From the hero select screen, you need to right click on a hero and hit select which will allow you to see the heroes you've made. From there, on the right side is a customize where you can alter the colors of your hero and select skins that you've unlocked.
  11. Seems like everyone should of noticed it by now but when you launch the game and you've entered your tavern, you have to press a button before you can start moving. Hitting W twice to start moving is weird.
  12. Look, we got a new game based off of the original. After the success of the original Dungeon Defenders, TE tried their best at making the game again but 'better' and failed. Between micro transactions and bugs in general, the gameplay wasn't fun. TE is now CG for a reason and that is because they know there was something done correctly in the first game that they want to respark. There is always the chance that we might see maps/monsters from other DD games in DDA. I'd honestly take DDA in its current state over DD2 any day. I dropped some cash on that game and still felt unhappy with the end
  13. You didn't pledge enough for those skins. From the Kickstarter page Pledge $150 or more Huntress Collector's Pack Kickstarter Exclusive DD:A Huntress Costume Forum Title: "Huntress Supporter" Pledge $300 or more Ultimate Tavern Kickstarter Exclusive DD:A Monk Costume Forum Title: "Monk Supporter"
  14. Thanks for the videos, I enjoy seeing strategies that are different than the ones I did.
  15. Using F1-F4 helps for changing characters but just running from one end to the other isn't even possible without throwing down barricades to "tank" until you can get back to it.
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