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  1. Awesome! I'm excited. Hoping I'll have time since it's Valentines day that Sunday.
  2. Playing in public groups sucks right now. I acknowledge that part of the game is teaching others and finding new builds. Having someone spend all of the DU on a single lane and then blaming you when the group fails is annoying though. I'd like to request that DU is distributed evenly among the players and the players can offer their DU to a specific teammate if they so wish. I'm only looking for this to be on public games. Private should remain how it currently is.
  3. Banned for not having an animated avatar.
  4. I have no issue with this uber. It does require a lot of attention and work to keep the auras alive. They lose 3-4% per tick on a mob so just a few mobs can kill an aura. It works well for a backup to other defenses.
  5. Josh, any eta on when we might fix the 'Join Friend' issue? I get kicked daily from people joining me when I'm in a full group which kicks me from the game I am in. Very annoying :(
  6. Yeah, the monk sash also blended in too well and didn't stand out as a separate item. I wish they actually got capes of some sort like the squires even if they don't fit the theme as well just to show that it isn't a normal item.
  7. A wipe won't really fix that. They need to add more difficult endgame which is challenging and fun for these hardcore players instead of just wiping because someone is spending a lot of time playing the game, trying to get as much fun out of it and getting better gear. They should add an option for those who wants to reset to be able to reset instead of forcing a reset. If they did a wipe what would it achieve? This overgeared player would either spend a lot of time farming again and getting over geared items again or simply leave the game because progress wipes without any very good reason is pretty sad. hard to balance and well if u saw how long ive played the game you would see its mostly pure luck in rng that my stats are so good + geared munks 1 boost our aura/skygard a geared traptress a geared squire builder a geared app for cc all pritty much 156+ legendarys on them luck with rng can still mean that items are given stats that are too great to be obtained. Adding legendaries couldn't help but they should make it so it's too easy.
  8. With this I can tell you we will have another wipe. People are simply too geared.
  9. Very nice. I like items like these. With future ones it allows more customization.
  10. Self Co-Op was my fav feature of DD1 Nothing like leveling multiple classes and getting that drop bonus. Alone...
  11. I've been trying for over a year to get access to 3D assets. Every avenue I've tried, including ripping/extracting models from the game, have proven fruitless. The .upk file format they're using is obfuscated somehow, so using external programs like UModel (the equivalent to GCFscape for TF2) does not work. iamisom: Really the only way for us to get access to 3D models is if someone at Trendy gives them to us, or works with Gildor to make UModel compatible with DD2. Personally I'd prefer the latter, so that way as new models are released we automatically have access to them. I feel the same way about releasing. That is why I asked about the API as it would be nice to have updated models as they are pushed out. Attempting to decompile the obfuscated file doesn't sound fun though.
  12. where was it said that they're giving 32 slot bags away?
  13. Any chance we can get API access to pull assets? I've love to have a 3d model viewer to show off models of items in-game. I've done a lot of work on the TF2 Wiki so I'm use to cataloging everything.
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