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  1. wow thread blew up while i was away at work! some great points here from everyone! I think also maybe a fix would be when they are able to introduce enough maps so that players can maybe hit the level cap from playing story. Then other game modes like free play and so on can be used for gearing rather than leveling. i dunno just a suggestion but i guess its a while off for now ^^ i see the new addition of ranged projectiles next patch maybe helping this out though, (check the dev stream if you haven't) also trendy i'm a big fan of the week long event, like you said on stream, im one of "those" guys that works on the weekends :P
  2. THIS! I'm sure they're working on new weapon types at the moment though, heard about homing missiles and multi shot weapons ect, just for now its soon*tm
  3. They are surprisingly good. No match to proper blockades of course, but they have the advantage that ranged enemies won't take an interest in them until they're very close. Plus they can do pretty awesome damage to single high-health targets. Back when I only had a huntress, free play hard was the breaking point where I had to make a squire. It sounds like you're past that point already, but there's been a lot of rebalancing since those days so it could be easier now. And if you've gotten some gear from public games, that makes it easier as well. thanks for the tips, and i really appreciate everyones views on this too, nice to see quite an active community on the forums :)
  4. I made it pretty far with just huntress, though not quite to level 42. That was in the early 5.x though, so I don't know how the balance has changed since then. Have you tried using poison dart towers as walls? i cant say i have but it sounds like good advice, ill have to give that a shot i guess ^^
  5. wow your a a lucky guy. guess ive hit a bad streak... i dunno, id just rather be considered to place something rather than told to just afk so they can get more xp for their benefit
  6. i see what your saying, but i want to join a public match to be able to play with people and maybe find some friends to play with, why should anyone join a public match when theres one guy with every character at level 50 and he just hops onto them and builds towers for you, just really takes the fun out of the game and you just end up sitting doing nothing, my problem with having one huntress at 42 is that i cant just hop onto a solo game and clear the maps easily without any walls. its just boring getting carried by level 50 people. im sure dd1 you couldnt change character on the map? which because of that, it didnt have this issue, or atleast i didnt come across it
  7. so i don't usually post anything like this for any game really, ill just play it then if something like this occurs just leave the game to rot in a ditch. but i actually really like this game so i think ill give it a chance and see what other people think of the situation. so lets start from the beginning, im leveling a huntress and i like to build.. when im allowed to, this is my only character at the moment as i havnt put hundreds of hours into the game. so i am level 42, i queue up for a random map on hard free play most of the time so i can just get some experience to finally hit the level cap. my main problem with this is when i get into a game, i join and so do a few other people. to then just to be told "giff mana no build" this guy then puts all his walls up from his first character then continues to jump on over to his other level 50 character to then build the towers, were all fine and set and then we clear the first wave. first things first i don't want to join every game to be carried by some level 50 on every character guy just because he gets more xp in party, if you want to just build everything and make other players just watch you for 20 mins... just play solo?! So this continues on and the first wave is cleared and then the same old "giff mana, no build" WHY MAKE EVERYONE JUST WATCH A GUY PLAY THE GAME FOR THEM?! ITS BORING... really killing the game for me right now. also if you don't comply with the giff mana rules you just get kicked for being toxic and wanting to play a tower defense game by actually wanting to build towers.. what do you all think of this? rant over. TLDR : one level 50 guy does all the building you just have to sit and watch? whats the deal?
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