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  1. 1: Play endgame onslaught nm4 on private (not sure about public) (you can play untill you hit round 8 and get 700ipwr gear instead of 600 on step 5) 1: Equip and then unequip 700 ipwr item. Start endgame onslaught the first round and lose.
  2. I did not buy anything. But I upgraded armor for gold. Maybe I used the medals for upgrading armor.
  3. I have lost 500 medals. Yesterday I had the 3545 medals. Today, I performed two tasks, and as a result I have 3407 medals. What's happening ?
  4. Too big tower I do not see the monsters ! 
  5. OVER 1000 itenz XD for 50000 gold :( orig
  6. Hello Sometimes this guy is trying to attack my barricade but misses it He does not reach her. This happened more than once
  7. Hello Today I played for the squire and got a drop of orange bow. End game > First level > Nightmare 1 During the game, I have not changed the character This is a bug ?
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