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    Solo nm4?

    Thing is, I didnt say losing on wave 2-6 is end of progression. But in order to complete the entire map, u might 1st have to only do up to wave 2-3 n get drops. The drops there will eventually enable u to complete.
  2. Qaz

    Solo nm4?

    I've managed to solo to NM4. U just have to choose the right maps. I can't recall, but I think I did end game instead of incursions first. Cos you only have to deal with single high threat lanes. So gates incur might not be the 1st map you should go for. Also, the greens and blues on NM4 > legends on NM3. So u don't have to win the entire map to get improvements, just get to round 2 at least and use the greens/blues till u are strong enough or get even better gear.
  3. Qaz

    NM4 Betsy

    Betsy cleared Shout out to Insidious, YukiHighbridge, Limp.
  4. Congrats clearing NM4 then. Don't recall you, but yup I have definitely rejected playing with people who are/were not ready for NM4. Not sure why people would feel so offended, if you aren't ready its fine, just don't expect everyone to want to carry you. For endgame NM4, non-incursions, extra high threat lanes make it tougher to complete with people who aren't geared. So in tavern I'm guessing we were comparing defences to see who could build, and if stats are low obviously I wouldnt be going in NM4 with what I feel is underwhelming. Do not mistake rejecting/refusing to go into what I deem (perhaps you feel you are geared enough then hats off toya for doing it) as undergeared as dissing. Cheers. I remember you dissing me and my friends before when we were looking for people to do NM4 with us before the towers got bigger. You told me I won't even be able to do NM3 with my stats and wall HP. It's funny cause I am already clearing NM4 during that time with my *** stats and half of your wall HP. Another time was with my friend when you didn't let him join because he's not good enough for you. I remember this because this was just recent and he asked you to leave our party when you tried to join us with our NM4 betsy farming - btw, we cleared it multiple times already. You really shouldn't tell people they can't do stuffs because they have less stats than you. Also, don't ask people to play with you if you are just going to dis them later.
  5. If you really cant find some one to play with, feel free to add me, same Steam ID. I usually play with my friends, but solo when none are on. Rare that you can find ppl for nm4 on public, and I think you are right, probably the population on the Asia/Aus servers are lacking.
  6. Could you tell us the ipwr for the nm4 version? =)
  7. 1) Game was finished. Yes, we could have left the game and hosted our own Quickplay again. Perhaps that would have solved the problem and I'll take note of that next time (But since private games seem to function as intended for the time being, this wouldn't be an issue). Then again, he did not reply in-game or say anything before being kicked. His silence = acceptance/ignorance/afk?? I don't know. 2) As I stated earlier, private game was not possible as the private game lobby was bugged. One could not invite a friend, or said friend could not join via steam. You had to create a quickplay and then have your friends join via quickplay and fall into your game. The game in question had 3 friends, he was the random. 3) I still don't see anything wrong with making space for a friend. Especially after mentioning it to the 4th guy. I guess not everyone will see it that way, but I still would rather play with a known group. Of course I add people who I meet in pubs who are nice and they can join us next time as well.
  8. Yea I know right. Helped clear that false ugly picture you painted Cool story.
  9. Apologies for mixing you up. Thanks for clarifying that. But you just caught yourself by saying I joined after you. I see nothing wrong with making space for a friend. I joined after you (which you have attested to) and you had randomly joined a quickplay match (a pre-existing game with 2 of my friends - limp and yukihighbridge). The 4 of us had already completed 2 rounds or something to that effect before one of my friends came online. We did not actually require you to help complete the map as you are not exactly fully geared for nm4, but we didn't mind having a 4th and helping you gear up anyway. I joined as the 4th person, so I did not have the privilege kicking without a vote. Would require 3/4 votes to kick you. I asked them if you were their friend or a random, and you were a random, so unfortunately I chose to play with my friends rather than a random. In order to 'make space' for my friend, there must have been 4 people, or there would not be a need to kick you. Therefore 3 of the 4 (excluding you) would have been okay having you out to make space for a friend. If we did not kick, then we would have to wait awhile to just create a new lobby without you. In fact, after the last round we played ended, I asked via the in-game chat system which all 4 of us could see if they knew you, and I had a friend wanting to join. But you didn't reply. I'm guessing you were either 1) AFK, 2) keeping quiet hoping to stay in a lobby which helped you gear up but now in this forum accusing of abusive kicking. At the time, there was no way to invite a friend to the game as with the bugs in the joining system. So a public lobby would have been required where every one would join separately via 'Quickplay'. Sorry for kicking you, but you shouldn't be accusing me of abusing the system. 1) Invite/Join game through steam was not possible at the time 2) 4 friends who would rather play together 3) We had already had you in the game for a few rounds - not like we kicked you cause we can do it without you anyway. So please, don't leave it all this pertinent info to paint your picture of abusive kicking. And yes I felt a lot better playing with my friends, thank you for your concern =) Sorry to hear your excuses, but i don't believe any of that happened you must have me mistaken with someone else you kicked, i was actually the only other person who built ( you may remember me not changing my mines to suit the element on wave 5) i beleive you kicked me cause you wanted your friend in thte game i was in prior to you joining, but you know. whatever makes you feel better.
  10. Understood you perfectly Bloops =) I haven't tried the new maps because, as the ts said, there isn't better gear for me on them. However, if what you say is true (its 8 lanes and might be difficult for when it is released on nm4), I don't mind that. I would welcome a tough map, but please at least give us some motivation with higher ipwr or limited event drops. Otherwise most end game users will just try it a few times and move on to easier maps to grind similar powered gear.
  11. Hey mate, yup grinding for minimal now =p Anyway, its not just for liferoot, tried Gates, goblins too strong. Have yet to try end game, but not sure if I'm going to bother till there's better maps and stuff to do. And inc nm4 its impossible to farm now, so they force you to play spooky event. Huh? Why? What happened? Still work so i can't do anything yet haha Goblins now have 1.4 million hp, they changed it from 100k to 1.4 million :D Is that on all maps or just Liferoot NM4 Inc? I am at work so cannot check myself
  12. Is there a way for you to make the event completion up to nightmare 3? And just add the new maps with nightmare 4 for the rest of the end game content users? If this is not possible, then when are the maps going to be made nightmare 4, and what IPWR will they be at? At the moment, for my group of friends, and I'm sure other end game players, there is nothing left for us to do except grind endless hours for minimal upgrades. Just disappointed that the new content is restricted and isn't for everyone.
  13. Yup, when u let go lanes twice/afk once. And it was a votekick done by 3ppl in the game. You did the same thing to me about a week ago in my 2nd nm4 game.
  14. That's just selfish. I can understand if one is leeching. If you were truly contributing or at least trying, its fine. They could have hosted a private game if what you said was true. I've power leveled my alts before and hosted pub so people that want an easier time leveling to avoid the grind can join in. Unfortunate that you found people like that. I do hope you can find better players to play with. On the other hand, not sure if the damage contribution will help, as it might act as a prevention to kick people who do deserve it -rude/abusive etc.
  15. iPwr requirement imho might be the best option at the moment. At the very least, people have the gear that is capable of doing the level. Yes, there will be issues, as you can have the best iPwr gear, but with wrong stats you aren't going to be of much help. You will also get people who meet the requirements, but whose experience and skill level that comes with said experience are lacking. I've played in public with randoms, and some who are geared, still have no clue what to do. They run amok from lane to lane not knowing which enemy to prioritise, and if they see a boss, they go straight for it and ignore repairing the lane they were supposed to hold and Boom, there goes the round. We were all new once, and I don't mind teaching a bit. But I find a lot of people just cant be bothered cos they know I can carry them. So I've ended up playing in a party of 3 , but really playing as a party of 1. Heck, some just run around doing nothing till the round is over for drops =s. I can run the nm4 maps solo but as others have said, it kills the monotony of the grind to have people in there with you. But with the current state of it, I have resolved to just playing with my own group of friends, or solo when they aren't online. Here is to hoping this gets fixed soon enough.
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