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  1. I got one on NM1 gates of dragonfall yesterday. Don't know what wave, I just know I have one and I haven't done anything above NM1 yet
  2. Are you implying that black is worse? Sounds pretty racist to me I hope you weren't being at all serious. Truly sad if you were. I think the sad part is that you thought there was even a chance that I might be serious :(
  3. Are you implying that black is worse? Sounds pretty racist to me
  4. I got one today too, thought it was a bugged shadow or something
  5. So I've disabled the audio entirely, master volume is at 0. When I start the game there is still sound until I either leave the main menu or enter the options at which point it does recognise that I have disabled sound
  6. 80 Ogres is A LOT if you're not playing on maps that spawn more than one at a time yet but if you are then it's pretty much nothing. Hatching 15 pets is fine, it could even be 20 and it would still be totally reasonable. The actual playtime involved in doing it is very very low. 75 affection levels is a horrible pain, both this and the ogres should be adjusted.
  7. I think the reward chest at the end can drop stuff for classes you aren't currently playing, I kinda like it. In fact, I wouldn't mind it if 20% (or something like that) of all drops were for your non-active class
  8. As stated by TrendyBrad in the IGN stream a few days back, The summery screen is all kinds of broken. Do not read into any of that info for now. It hasn't been fixed yet because at some point in the recent past they decided to go to a points based leader board system which would have required totally redoing the summery board anyways. Something like that. Oh, okay, I don't really watch those streams so I apparently miss a lot of things. Thank you!
  9. Personally I just don't think the resistances should ever be random, I find it terribly annoying. If they aren't random that might mean sometimes you get difficult combinations but at least then it's something you just have to work out as opposed to start over and get something better.
  10. Not rly, the golden eggs only drop as a reward after completing 15 rounds of onslaught... No event has shortened that down :) I read it as a Gold Event or a Pet Food Event, it made sense to me because both these things allow you to level up the extra pets you'll be getting because of this current event.
  11. I feel like Loot Cave was pretty much a gold event, no?
  12. While leveling my deck to 50 I've started to wonder what the "No Boost" thing is on the exp summation since it seems that's not something I'm getting! Dear all-knowing friends, what is this "No Boost" sorcery?
  13. Thanks! I'm down to about 2.5 minutes on average now, my fastest is 95 seconds but I got pretty lucky (obviously). Still running the 7 step solution until I feel like I am flawless at it then I'll start transitioning to the 4 step.
  14. I have Clicker Heroes running on the side and I usually watch some kind of show, read a magazine, browse random websites or chat with my partner along with that.
  15. I read a lot, mostly fantasy books but I also read a fair bit of magazines on random topics that catch my interest and I can get stuck on Wikipedia for the same reason. I greatly enjoy most kinds of puzzles and just recently decided to pick up the Rubik's Cube with the hope of learning to solve it in less than 60 seconds consistently, we'll see how that goes. I play badminton and/or table tennis a few times a week for exercise purposes, I never join any actual competitions. Other than that I guess it's the typical gaming stuff. Me and my partner play a lot of games together. Most recent titles were Diablo 3 and The Talos Principle.
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