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  1. RIght after 2 players joined? I doubt.
  2. I got a lvl 27 now. Im not getting kicked of every game but it happens too often. I don't really like this kick system. People can join your game and kick you out of your own game. This is not fair. People could be trolling other players all day and end their game really fast.
  3. But why do I get kicked? I started this map and they joined and then kicked me. Its badly designed that people can just join others and kick them of their own game. I play public games to be able to play with other palyers not to get trolled by others.
  4. When I start my own game I also get kicked. There is something wrong. Im looking to play with other players but all I get is this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNWj6tO9RQs As you can see in the video I started a new game and built towers. Then some players joined and kicked me of my game. How can this be possible? What was wrong this time? This is really frustrating and does not motivate me to keep playing this game.
  5. Im getting kicked within a few seconds whenever I join a game. Is there any reason for it? It's a big turn off and a big waste of time. I always have to search for a map and then wait at the loading screens over and over. This happened a few times then I just quit the game and played a different game where I can actually play the game.
  6. I just played a map solo because no one else joined. I had no problem defending. Then the last 2 bosses spawned. There was no way to stop them. They just walked through my towers and killed the base. I tried to kill one but it killed me 2 times. Such a big disappointment.
  7. I think I found an answer: https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203709340-Am-I-allowed-to-stream-record-Dungeon-Defenders-II- I sent them a message and got a reply: We do allow players to upload game play footage to Youtube, and you can monetize it, as long as you do not promote hacking, pirating or exploiting our products. If there is anything we can assist you with, have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. :) Sincerely, T.E. Community Support Team
  8. Hello I already sent you a message to your youtube account but got no reply there so I wanted to ask at the forums. I got a gaming channel on youtube where I upload gameplay videos of various games. Before breaking any NDA or some rules that may result to another copyright strike I want to ask you if you allow your users to record and upload gameplay videos of your game. Thank you
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