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  1. Destructive Pylon stacks with Destruction, but does not with Power Pylon. Yup you appear to be right. I trusted the wording on the shard like a silly goose.
  2. Could be mistaken as I'm not infront of the screen atm but I thought Destructive Pylon didn't stack with Destruction or Power Pylon.
  3. The prices will likely vary between platforms and regions.
  4. Obviously I can’t speak from a PS experience but for the crashing on xbox I find avoiding the in game menu helps reduce the crashing enormously. When I load the game I just jump straight into the map don’t look at anyone in town, just play through floors and let auto collect do its thing and sort through the items back at town before the 3 hour time out. If I look at anyone in town/my bags/change gear/change deck odds are I crash as soon as I enter map 2 straight to xbox home screen, this has been going on for probably over a month easily at this point. Worth a try if crashing persists.
  5. On xbox I've had regular crashes for a couple weeks more so since starting to fill my bags and characters with shards. Currently when playing I'm crashing after pretty much every map. Usually shortly after loading to next map I just get kicked to xbox home screen. Sometimes I can get through a floor of onslaught before it crashes but most of the time I'm out by map 2.
  6. I read the post as if there was an expectation it was included.
  7. They've said multiple times AP changes ain't happening in this update. You would expect any changes to be a few months away at least. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/265441279?t=00h36m00s
  8. I think 10 is fair. I think it's unrealistic to expect to have a permanent unlock achievable in a single farming session. The only issue is bag space which is tight, which will be made even worse once you add in the 30 or so crafting materials you will be hoarding.
  9. Odd, it always felt personally that on say baby sewers. If you got all 4 lanes as frosty you get less mana during combat than if it was all geo. I've obviously never wrote any hard numbers down but that's just the feel ingame I get.
  10. But I can play an entire game on Rocket League or 100% Ben Hur in that time however I couldn't finish a game of Battlefield or Civ in that time. I still don't see why checkpoints would be a bad thing, there's no advantage to running floor 65 or 65,000 the drops are the same and you're better off playing trials anyway. If someone has the ability to push the floors even if it takes them 3 sessions over the course of the week/month what ever they play so be it, it doesn't affect anyone else.
  11. Purely for onslaught. I don’t know if it is a design choice or oversight from the enemies coming from an incursion map but I don’t see why frost enemies don’t drop green mana tokens. They very easily flood a defence line just due to the sheer numbers alone but then don’t provide any green mana to repair or upgrade your defences. If you roll one of the 4 lane maps which isn’t uncommon you can be faced with 3 of the lanes being frost based. This leaves a noticeably lower income during the wave than if you roll geo or cy lanes. This is far from gamebreaking, it just don’t make sense in my opinion
  12. I don’t see why people are coming off as so hostile for a save feature. It wouldn’t make the game any easier only more accessible. I could be mistaken but I believe it is currently impossible to fail a floor enough to cause a map 1 restart. If someone completes it over a 1 hour sitting or 3 20 minute sittings the difficulty is the same it’s just less open for people to play. Personally I have ample time to do a session currently but I can see why people could have issues juggling commitments. Just because someone doesn’t have time to complete the current content doesn’t mean the content is to
  13. I fully expect someone aiming for a pretty header to use the pencil tool and use ctrl - to make it the smallest possible for the whole thing. I want to know you're all in on this bid.
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