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  1. Hi all, I also can offer help for anyone doing NM mode. I usually solo or duo most maps, but am stuck on Spider Queen :(. I farm Spires, UMF (even though I keep getting glitched mobs that cause me to run out of time), Ramps, Glitter and MM to boss. I have a squire tower builder 74, ranger trapper 74, monk aura 74, ect. and an under geared 74 Barb Add me @ tomoyaokazaki on steam if you'd like help, or would like to help me whenever I'm on and available Thanks and gl hf =^.^=
  2. Regardless of where you come down on the patch, either loving it or hating it, please stop the insults, flaming & trolling. If someone makes a post you don't agree with, it is perfectly acceptable to state that you don't agree with them and to even offer a well thought out response pointing out exactly why you disagree. It is NOT okay to go out of your way to upset someone else just because they have a differing opinion than yours. Rather than try and bludgeon other people over the head with your view, accept that they may not ever be interested in seeing things as you do. I'd like t
  3. The numbers i gave were from in game now. i just do the math to find what a 10% change in attack speed would be and thus i get the new numbers. math solves problems. ... get it.. math.. solves... hahaha. *cough* hahaha yah I was asking umm whats his face to back up his percents like you where trying to do. A little number crunching will make people realize the "nerf" is minimal or even noticeable.
  4. I hate this argument. Trendy has given us the exact numbers and changes, so we can very easily theorycraft the post-patch effectiveness of classes. And yes, each change by themselves is pretty small but add all things up together and there's suddenly a 25-30% larger difference between Squires and Apprentices then there is now. where did you get your Numbers / percents from? ^^ look above at King, at least he is backing up his statement with "theorycrafting"/numbers. P.S. also if you are getting kicked or whatever, try hosting your own game.
  5. So, most definitely the responses so far are majorly leaning towards 'yes' they needed a nice nerf. Exactly what I thought the response would be like. as of this post 10/14 say yes. You should've included "needed more work" not incorporating a "yes they needed nerf" and "yes, but not that much". would help with sampling and getting better information over what people thought about squire nerf
  6. They shouldn't let you swap heroes in the middle of a map. If you want to mix squire towers and apprentice towers then find someone else to play with. It's a multiplayer game. I really feel the ability to swap your hero during a map is a huge detriment to the game. And I'm someone who has all classes leveled to 70 and pretty good gear on multiple characters. It just feels cheesy to do everything by yourself. There is no reason to play with other people. Some people just like the single player aspect of games. No reason to make them Have to join or let others join when they do not want
  7. i just did it as a tower app with only blockades and MMT Yah I was just mentioning it can be done w/o relying on Squire Towers to do everything ( I am Tower D squire main btdubs). I should have clarified this point :D. also solo'ed using only traps with huntress.
  8. Ogre crush is easy, as long as you have a high elemental weapon. The .06 patch did not make it too much harder, unless you relied solely on towers.
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