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  1. Are you talking about having one hero in the deck or having to equip all of the best gear on a single hero?
  2. it can definitely be a struggle due to the added hp. They just got rid of the extra damage though, so that made it loads easier imo. I'm super happy about it.
  3. I think hero crit damage is much much much better than hero damage. So dropping hero damage is a better choice for mythicals. Hero damage just didn't affect the dps very much except pet abilities. I even don't bother using the Power Gambit shard... Other than this the guide is very good. Great job! :) Hero crit damage may very well pull higher numbers, but it's not as consistent as hero damage. I honestly don't know for sure though which one is better while leveling up. Don't see it having too huge of an affect though. (edited a word out of this part) I explain how ascension works, where
  4. I made an attempt to make it easier via adding a ton of empty lines. Hopefully it's not nearly as wall of text or blocky now.
  5. Opening Notes Farm Assault on Throne room on Normal until level 50. Farm Harbinger on Normal then Hard until gear capped. Equip Warlock (ap/hp) and Warrior (hd/hp) gear depending on your focus. Legendary gear needs to have crit damage, life, and ap/hd. Save all medals for buying heroes/pets. (start with the EV2 imo) Have 1 dps hero, 1 waller hero, and at least 1 builder hero. These heroes may overlap roles so you might not need 3, or you might need more. Get a Sparkle Party ability on a Cat pet. Make sure to have all Standard Campaign shards needed. For all Chaos progression except C2 and C
  6. I think that 20 number might be outdated, as of the last patch upgrades got hit fairly hard to where 60 ups only give around a 10% stat increase. IMO its not worth upgrading at all unless you are stuck. I'll try not upgrading for a few runs on c3 and see if i get any nice drops. Thanks <3
  7. Yah, I think i'm just going to farm c1 for a night or 2. I need the shards from there and gold. After more research it turns out that upgrading gear to 20/60 is better for climbing the stat cap than doing 60/60. I have been doing 60/60 and have already spent 5 mill >.<
  8. I've just recently gotten a foothold in c3. I've done it 4 times, and cleared it 3 of those. I feel pretty confident about beating it most of the time, but I'm worried about running out of gold/medals for upgrading gear and it takes me quite awhile to beat each c3 due to needing to be really careful. Should I just spam c1 (which is dam near afkable) or is there an even faster method i'm missing? C2 is a bit hard for me since I mainly use the monk for building and PDT doesn't seem to do *** when I switched my gear from monk to huntress. I was able to hop into c3 after some shard farming due to
  9. Fingers crossed that Trendy didn't intend for it to be this way and they change it soon™.
  10. You can share exp at any time an any/all heroes in your hero deck will benefit. There is a bug at the moment though. Sometimes the game forgets that you have a hero in your hero deck and thus doesn't award exp properly when they are not your controlled hero. The solution is to just switch through each hero, that you want to earn exp on, once real quick at the start of the map. There is another bug where if you build with hero X and then switch that hero out of your deck, while still controlling that hero, it loses some stats and the effects of spheres from anything it has built.
  11. Not at a 50/50 ratio though. Testing seems to indicate a heavy lean to DP.
  12. Title. Why would an ability scale with not ability power? Only option is to play a DP/AP AL which makes is far less optimal than a DP/DH and then using Direct Command with a HD/AP AL. Please tell me i'm missing something obvious >.<
  13. Sorry >.< I kin of understand what you were saying about AL. What about other characters and builds though?
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