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  1. Anyone know where this drops at its not droping from the incursion and also cant find where the shard drops for it, if there is one for it. Any help would be amazing ty for reading this
  2. Huntress Explosive Trap, its what I started with and what I end with. RIP Elemental Traps.
  3. Was just wondering if you can still farm the weapons from the halloween event since I want to get the pumpkinator for the huntress
  4. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the Chicken riding Wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otterdarkness, so he decided to dance on the edge of
  5. Wheres the best place to power level pets other then doing one map per level where do you guys go to level to your pets?
  6. I'm confused why you need three heroes for DPS. On a more serious note, you did spark an idea in my head. In the event you actually do need multiple DPS heroes in play over a single map, this would work out great for you. What if you could use any and all created heroes during the build phase, and the hero deck is then changed to be a list of characters that you can freely swap with during the combat phase? And then, if they added a hardcore mode, if one of your characters dies, you can switch to one of the others in your deck that's still alive and keep going. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, it sounds like it would be fun to me :D` Here's the thing. The hero deck was created in part because in DD1, one player building everything because they CAN build everything was a strong discouragement to cooperation in multiplayer. Thus, the hero deck was created as a way of encouraging cooperation by ensuring that the probability is high that more than one player in the game has something they can contribute to the defense. For this reason, I feel like it needs to exist (not to mention the bonus to XP with level 50s in your deck is a wonderful thing), but they do really need to do something to improve it as it's only getting more irritating to the hardcore players. So are you talking about a multiple deck system? in that you can switch between decks. you unlock a extra deck slot when you have 4 lvl 50's and you have the option of switching out the decks in between waves you can have a DPS deck and a Builder Deck. But this could bring back the old DD1 days of that one guy, but it would help out solo players like my self out immensely. To fix this you can can only bring in 1 hero deck once there are more then 2 players in the game since you will need a Magic and Physical DPS charter also all 4 builders at the start of the round or in the tavern edit your deck(s) before you start the round. or before the first wave starts but you can not build until you lock in your hero deck this why every one bring in a DPS or two and two or one builders. and if you want too see who has the better defenses you can check their stats and they can be the builder and vise versa. This could be a fix but is going to be a pain the butt to make. Also if they add more heroes they need to add more deck slots I can see my self one running multiple hero decks like this (Solo) Hero Deck #1: Builders Hero Deck#2: DPS/Tank Huntress (Elemental Chaos) Huntress (DPS) Apprentice (Frost towers ) Apprentice (DPS) Squire (Walls) Squire (Tank) Monk (Pure Evil) Monk (Tank) Hero Deck #3: Builder x2, DPS & Tank Hero Deck #4: Support Monk (Tank) Apprentice (Frost towers) Huntress (DPS) Huntress(DPS) Squire (Walls/Cannons) Squire (Walls/ Tank) Apprentice (Flame towers) Monk (Tanky AP With shield uber spear for defenses ) Something like that but you can switch between them before the round starts so that every one has at least on one DPS & one Builder or be all builders and every one else is DPS. this is just an idea it could or may not work at all but a multiple Hero Deck system would be grate you can also maybe choose to lock a whole hero deck or a massive EXP boost to make leveling new heroes less of pain to since you now have access to 12 or 8 heroes worth of XP worth thinking about. Thank you for reading this :D
  7. Really want that Bow, looks amazing for a DPS build.
  8. What level of loot are you guys getting at end game im getting 18-28 on normal and hard endgame on forest crossroads just wanting to know
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