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  1. Exploit it or report it, it's your choice. This bug is happening for more than a month - my friends already reported and still not fixed. This screenshot was taken last month to prove it (check the image date if you want). How to replicate the bug: Before Betsy lands during the last wave, drop Huntress Uber Grenades. Only 1 grenade will do the trick but drop as many as you like, it doesn't matter. Works in every difficulty.
  2. It's funny how you are showing people a screenshot where you didn't even touch the mana chest for the last wave. It's the easiest map to beat because there is a bug to kill betsy without even fighting her... I hate when this guy brags about *** that he exploited.. and he's telling people every time someone asked that he isn't exploiting.
  3. The thing is, we didn't ask you to join us, you wanted to join us because we were looking for people. We were already clearing NM4 with our build and you still say we won't even be able to do NM4 just because you saw an unbuffed DPS in tooltip. Also, my walls that time were just 5k less than yours and you still say we better do NM1. This is definitely dissing. I don't make up stories, I remember this because you are popular for dissing people, not just me. Even the ones you did ipwr 1000 maps with think so too.
  4. I remember you dissing me and my friends before when we were looking for people to do NM4 with us before the towers got bigger. You told me I won't even be able to do NM3 with my stats and wall HP. It's funny cause I am already clearing NM4 during that time with my *** stats and half of your wall HP. Another time was with my friend when you didn't let him join because he's not good enough for you. I remember this because this was just recent and he asked you to leave our party when you tried to join us with our NM4 betsy farming - btw, we cleared it multiple times already. You really shouldn't
  5. There is no problem helping everyone out, it's nice. But even if you teach them, they still have problems applying what they learned - making everyone waste time. 8/10 runs I ask people who joins me why they don't repair, they will say "Just hit 50 and join quickmatch NM4 Incursion". This is a flaw in the game, imo. I made a similar thread about this same problem too sometime ago: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/126756/too-many-leechers-private-game-bug
  6. you mean this? https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/127029/current-meta-of-hutress-trap-building
  7. From our testing, they can't be lifted, but they will get the damage + have the aura damage.
  8. I agree about the difficulty, I still actually use my traps for speed running things (or figuring out the right build). But in all honesty, I find that CC builds are way easier to defend with. For example, in a phy lane (or neutral), put 1 geyser and 1 monk lightning aura = that will do CC + damage. Combo that combo with your water+drown weapon + a storm pet and you will do more CC. It's an electrocute lock already. Maybe add a ballista in that lane to help damage (or traps if people want). Also, if people have the bearkira already, the skill will slow mobs down for a duration. Another CC pet
  9. Been trying to tell people who joins my game about this too. They ask me why my build is different from everyone else but it still works. It's because of the CC. Any tower build will work if people know how to combo it to other towers. Trap+frost is not the only viable build for nm4, imo, it's just the most popular and easy to use.
  10. Thanks to everyone who replied. Cyrius is right, turning off v-sync will do the trick.
  11. It's already false there too. Is this working for you tho?
  12. There's a lot of end-game players but most of them do private games because of this problem.
  13. I made this change in BaseEngine.ini and it still locks my FPS to 60. bSmoothFrameRate=False Does this work or not at all?
  14. The 'ogres (or skels) walking over the wall' thing still happens to defenses that can't kill them quickly. I think that's the case for him.
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