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  1. I just opened a box after map ended. Couple of items dropped and disappeared, while 2 food boxes that dropped stayed. I didn't pick or hit G, they just went puff..
  2. There are a lot of bugs related to autocollect. I don't know if it's a known issue and you are trying to solve it but it definitely needs to be looked at. 1. I have autocollect turned off on a bag sometimes but it still collects items for some reason. 2. When I manually pick up items they can't go to bags that have autocollect tag. They go either to other bags with space or to scavenger if other bags have no space. 3. Not sure if this still happens but sometimes when I take a food box from scavenger and open it the food gets sent back to scavenger instead of a bag.
  3. My apprentice used to do 10k damage 4 times in a second (40k dps) while attacking a dummy in tavern. Now it does 2.5k 4 times in a sec (10k dps) . I haven't changed anything on my apprentice. Was there a patch related to it since last week or something? When it crits it does over 20k and I'm mostly hero damage+ ability power build, not a crit build.
  4. Hello, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the Halloween update a lot. New maps are nice even though the first one is a lil awkward to build in. I liked the interactive parts of the new maps. But mostly what I liked was the randomly spawned boxes you had to find and the ghosts of heroes you had to fight for the special weapons with new passives. I hope this makes into the core game and doesn't go away after Halloween. Looking up chests is fun and makes you be active in the map. It also requires better management of your attention since you have to make sure barriers are well maintained, defenses are doing well, air is safe and now you have to find time inbetween for finding chests. In the end it's more fun and more rewarding because of extra loot. I think there's a place in the core game for keeping the ghosts of heroes too. Either spawning from some boxes or as mini bosses that spawn in higher difficulties. Maybe giving them higher chance of dropping a weapon with random special passive. Trendy probably has some plans about what to do with them after Halloween but I thought I'd share my 2 cents.
  5. I tried same with 5 pet rerolls before, it seems not do do anything. I think it's bugged.
  6. Recently played Bioshock Infinite. It's a masterpiece.
  7. You can see the list of challenges when you go to your inventory (click "i"), the last page after hero deck has a full list which is split into different parts (like challenges for apprentice for example or spooky event challenges).
  8. Howdy fellow defenders In-Game Name: Lintu Favorite Hero: NOT A MAGE (aka Apprentice)Other Games I Play: Path of Exile, Brawlhalla...Favorite pet: centaur (I call him Jamal, he likes to eat cheese and pancakes) Fun fact: Lintu means bird in Finnish but I'm not from Finland
  9. +1 for ipwr requirement. I started recently and can do only nm3 maps. But any nm map is a pain when you have random players who don't have knowledge appropriate for nm. I can solo all nm3 maps til Betsy but can't do any nm map (even first nm1 map) with random party 8/10 times unless i build everything and along with that use my dps charater (which makes it hard to farm gear for other characters).
  10. My equipped staff has 1 attack per second while the other one has 2 attacks per second. Game suggests that's a -1/s and is worse. I'm pretty sure it must be green instead of red cause attacking more times per second is a better stat.
  11. Lintu


    ´╗┐umm what?..
  12. there's matchmaking error when I invite/ get invitation from steam friends. I restarted game, my friends did too. Nothing works. Also, when I'm playing with someone if one of us drops all mana other doesn't get to pick it up. Once I got mana only from box, once only from party member (box didn't give any).
  13. I've been playing DD2 for about a month and a half now. And I've never played DD1 (but people say they are almost nothing alike). My first impressions are that I never play a tower defense game for so long but the loot system is what kept me returning back to the game. I'm into RPG games so I enjoy the grind for better loot a lot and this game combines this feature with the tower defense so nicely that DD2 acquired a niche place in my favorite games. I like the fact that you have to combine at least couple of different character skills/defenses to do the map and you are able to do it in a team just as fine as in a solo play. I grinded my way up to NM3 so far. Getting upgrades for my gear started to slow down but it still is just as enjoyable as before. Only problem is that it seems to be important to have a dps character active at this point which makes it harder to find gear for other characters. I prefer to do it in a party so that I can switch to non-dps char. The problem with this is that it discourages solo play (which is kinda fine with me) and requires me to find players who are able to do NM3 (which is not an easy task). I like the fact that devs are trying to increase the build diversity over time. It may be harder to deal with for a solo player but I think overall it is the best thing about the game. More build diversity will make players feel more individual and special and be more creative about how to gear up for their chars. I really hope that there will be more new types of gear or mods on them coming in the future for creative builds. I have few concerns about some parts of the game but overall I'm liking it a lot. I feel like pets need to be made more influential than they are right now. It feels like pets are not very active in the combat and most of their benefit is the extra stats on the hero. At the same time they are really hard to evolve and I haven't evolved any pet twice yet. They seem to be bugged since I used pet rerolls couple of times without any result (the changes didn't apply to the stats). The evolved pet looks same as the original one. It would be nice to have a different look for evolved versions but it seems that those were made for upper rarity versions of the pet instead. Pet special attack doesn't look like anything special and doesn't seem to be doing a lot of damage either. Same thing applies to left mouse click ability. It seems that it's useless for all chars. Also, it would be nice to have more "parkour-like" things in maps for the times when you don't want to alt-tab or afk instead while you are waiting for others to finish building defenses or killing last monsters. But I guess this is too much to ask at this stage. Overall the game has it's art-style and is enjoyable to play. Most importantly, it has the right F2P model!
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