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    NM4 Betsy

    Congrats! The leakage on that map is insufferable but worth enduring for bragging rights!
  2. I've completed the Spooky 2015 Champion challenge and have killed multiples of each of the skeleton-hero bosses, yet the only title I've so far unlocked is "The Gracious" (defeat a spooky polearm wielder during the Spooky Event). I know there are other halloween titles; the Collections menu glitched during a game which caused every locked title to be visible (no screenshot, sorry), however, these lacked descriptions and criteria on unlocking. Has anyone had any luck unlocking the others?
  3. This is a huge oversight on behalf of Trendy. Forcing players into a difficulty which is both unchallenging and unrewarding is not a fun experience.
  4. We just tested NM4 Gates Incursion and I can confirm Goblins have 1.4m HP now. We actually ran out of mana repairing the Goblin horde lane. A map, previously soloable, is now impossible to complete with 4 maxed out players.
  5. The boss spawns are fixed but loot is still broken on NM4 Liferoot Incursion. Only Whites and Greens dropping.
  6. I'm still downloading the patch. Say it ain't so! Edit: This is a huge oversight on behalf of Trendy. Forcing players into a difficulty which is both unchallenging and unrewarding it not a fun experience.
  7. I think the defense council gets everything and more. You guys are getting an item for the private tavern as well right? From my understanding, only Defence Councillors who purchased the $70 CO-OP Pack will receive exclusive tower skins. The regular Defence Councillor pack only included the hero embellishments. Google cache of the old store page: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:_X7n48zB-pkJ:https://dungeondefenders.com/2/store+&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au
  8. Again, no update warning received. I definitely would have noticed one.
  9. Got my hands on a 4/s, earth-elemental scattershot bow with 11% Impact and it's hands down the most powerful weapon in the game. NM4 enemies are obliterated the moment they step out of spawn.
  10. It's a bug. If you have no free space in bags not allocated as auto-collect, unequiped gear will be collected by the Scavenger.
  11. A DPS Huntress with a Falcon 4 x 9 shots-per-second critical bow absolutely destroys endgame. Keeping in mind diminishing returns, I would suggest the following stat allocation: 15 points to Hero Health (grants an additional 1000 hp) 200 points to Hero Damage 15 or 150 points to Ability Power 15 or 150 Points to Hero Critical Damage Aim for 20% and higher Hero Critical Chance.
  12. I too didn't receive the upcoming update notification this time.
  13. NM3 Incursion... Trollblood Tuskar is literally immortal.
  14. I too didn't receive the rewards so the issue must be affecting everyone. Hopefully the problem is resolved soon so I can have my cute evil teddy bear!
  15. Even with 30 days to go, the 75 skeleton boss kills requirement will be extremely difficult to complete. Whereas up to six ogres can spawn on some maps, the skeleton boss isn't even a guaranteed spawn. I foresee many weeks of Onslaught grinding.
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