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  1. Added couple of you guys but didnt find teep or eat your donuts
  2. End game nightmare mode 3 and 4. (ipwr for them range from 500-700) The DPS i just take it from what it shows when you examine. For dummy I wouldn't say you can say a definite DPS for it since something has to be attacking it(friend or foe) in order to make it spin to do dmg. It is kind of like Poison Dart Tower, the dps it shows means nothing since its DPS is dependent on stacks of poison.
  3. HI guys, I'm currently in the works of getting nm3/nm4 gear for my monk and mage, looking for some people to pair up to make things go more smoothly. I have a trapress with 3.6k dp (2.3k dps on ec), DPS archer with 16.7k hero 2.2k ap, and monk/mage with nm1 gear which have purge/frosty. Steam profile I'm EST but I generally play throughout the day.
  4. I see, is the damage like burst when you use it like so? i have 2k ap for my dps huntress so thats like 28k per nade that hits?
  5. Can the nades explode on contact with an enemy or does it have to stick to a surface first before it can trigger? Kind of just wondering what Uber spheres to get now after having elemental chaos.
  6. Well, I'm just going to say that I'm making money much faster now than before
  7. Hmm okay well the charge up time is still something, and range we could always track from stats so I had no issues with that, I was just wondering how I wanted to spec my app(only use him for frostbite)
  8. The range according to the stats when you examine are still the same as before, could just be your eyes tricking you due to larger towers overall.
  9. RIP gold. We don't get paid enough to do our job!
  10. Does any stats affect how they attack? I can't really tell if defense speed makes them finish their beam sooner or freeze faster.
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