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  1. I've received similar items (unfortunately). Got a Legendary chest piece w/ hearty blockade and Phoenix blaze. [[5379,hashtags]]
  2. You're more likely to find Legendary loot on harder difficulties. So if frequency is your trouble, try something harder. Regarding Legendary weapons- the majority of the time you're going to find weapons based on the character you're currently using (there are instances where weapons for other toons will drop although rarely- Betsy for instance). On the other hand, for armor, it doesn't matter which character you're using. Passives for different characters will drop regardless to who you're playing as. Again though, harder difficulty levels will grant you better drops & higher chances of legendary drops. Hope this is helpful
  3. Anything? Sounds like there was supposed to be (is an option on PC) to change servers we're on.
  4. Ehh.. my blue screen crashing is about the same as prior to wipeagedon.
  5. It's really nbd. Just run the map. Let them kill the crystal. Yay. All the maps are back. Takes an additional 20 seconds. Sure it an annoying bug, but it's easily remedied.
  6. Please tell me this was an accident/ is being corrected very soon. Really would like to group with my pal overseas considering he was the one who introduced me to the game. DD1 that is. iOS v1.0
  7. Went from being able to party up with a pal of mine (pre-wipeagedon) who's located in Thailand, to now, not being able to, post-wipe. Getting an Error message# 5009. Blah blah blah region stuff, won't work. Nothing regarding this in the patch notes. So.. Was this intended, Trendy? Possibly something that's out of your hands?
  8. /Guys, Gunslinger end-of-match bonus? or Weapons Only end-of-wave 30% bonus? They're different things. Gunslinger is using weapons to KILL enemies. Weapons Only is just that. Building NO towers. It doesn't matter. DPS levels more quickly. So max your DPS characters, then, turn them into tower-builders... Make your old tower builders your new DPS characters. That is all.
  9. Yup apprentice towers do close to nothing. I just traded in all the dps into health for the magic blockades since they are one Du abuse them in Mistymire survival. agreed
  10. Well this is my current build, I had a slightly different one but silly me forgot it lol. I was also thinking that I might have messed something up and now everything is paying for it.... but I really can't envision it being different. It could have been the positioning of the harpoons. I would recommend getting rid of the projectile towers behind your defenses (except for wyverns) & throw down an inferno trap & Proximity trap in front of your blockades (which should be replaced by bouncers or a slice & dice). Unless your twr huntress isn't up to par.
  11. I don't have a DD planner made up for you & have never actually completed Aquanos on insane (being that the xp/rewards are broke)... But from what I understand, the Sharken are the biggest threat. To stop them you have to use gas traps & Ensnares. So build stuff that will slow them down/stop them... And kill them (Electric Aura & Inferno Trap... Maybe a Deadly Striker or Harpoon Turret further back too if you have the DU's for them). Then further back behind that you're going to want a physical barrier to slow down/ stop the ogres from reaching the crystals- in time for you to kill them. This is just what I've heard & can't vouch for this personally. If anyone can refute this, please do so.
  12. I'm not sure how you build, but it could have been that your towers weren't in their normal/optimal positions- making them slightly less effective & more prone to exposure from mobs. That happens sometimes too.
  13. Here's what I did to expedite the process. Get your DPS characters maxed out, then respec them to be your tower-builder. Then, turn your lower-leveled tower-builders into your new DPS characters. Being that you can get 30% more XP per wave for only using weapons (gunslinger), DPS characters will level more quickly.
  14. You may have accidentally equipped a piece of gear on the ground somewhere along the line. That's pretty easy to do. Would be nice if you could lock items to characters. Similar to how they can get locked in the forge.
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