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  1. Didn't count the number, but I feel I opened 30 lockboxes more or less, and more than 10 repeated things. In fact, I found it very easy to get the same thing if you open them one by one in a short time.
  2. Don't got any mythical one! But epic ones are good for there are snowflake floating effects. The legend is a set, just fine.
  3. I didn't got any good gear for quite a long time, so I just sold all the gear I got. And now I found an unexpected gear equipped there, it's totally garbage than the gear I used before. So I guess I made a unexpected double click and sold it, it does happen several times, but I just found it before sell, and this time I didn't notice that. It's really hard to get something with perfect stats and nearly 2 perfect passives, I know it's my fault, but if there is locker there that you can check it and then double click the gear will not work, then it's really nice to avoid such thing. Plz think about this , thanks.
  4. I think this is a suggestion,so don't post it here, I almost think that is a good news!
  5. you needn't show any evidence, they have backup of your save file. You need to contact the support and send them a ticket. You can find the address in the pinned topic. Also you need to know right now they can only give a rollback to you, so check the time you missing it. If you don't want to rollback, then just forget it.
  6. I think they may told they can rollback your account. Your suggestion is nice and they may take it.
  7. When you reroll a pet's empower stat, and get things like this: hero damage:200 hero damage:200 you will find it's only 200 add to your stat. When the hero damage is other stat, it's the same. I read the known issues and realize this is not on their list. And I have read this somewhere before. So is this intended?
  8. Sometimes the bag will be full even there are still many empty places, and pet food,pet XXX, which at the last of picking list, so it may be just dumped by the picking system for it concluded your bag is full. So the way is picking the pet food manually. no worry the legendary, they are at the top of list (unless your bag full,then they are safe)
  9. I can't join the public game, it shows 9,8,...1,0, joining the game, and several seconds, nothing happen. I try several times, every time it is. But I can play private game. I tried verify the game cache, it doesn't work.
  10. It's not serious, but really annoy me. But when I read the "known issue", I found it doesn't involved. And seems no one report this in this forum. But I do met this several times, also I had met someone who got the some issue before. I notice that they mention "These are just some of the well reported issues for the game but not a comprehensive list of known issues. " So I think one reason is that there is no way to reproduce this issue, so the developer have no idea about this. That means if we all report this bug and describe it as possible as we can, they should find some details about this.
  11. Several minutes ago, someone join my game, it doesn't matter, but when it is in build phase, I found this guy never move after he join the game, and also never press "g" or whatever. I can't kick him for it needs 3 players to kick someone, so I have to suffer this.When the game over, he still there, so what I can do is quit the game to escape this stupid situation. I hope there's someway to deal with this, such as: when there are 2 players in the game, each of them could launch a kicking motion, which means the other guy need to make a response in several seconds( such as 30s), if he made no response, he will be removed from this game.
  12. Do you guys get the November monthly mission? Or is there a new mission? I found the monthly mission still is the old one( October mission) , so I want to if it is a bug or just intended.
  13. I was lagging, when the net better I join a new game, then I found this in my bag, I didn't try if it could be equipped, but I could move it in the bag everywhere. in fact, I have no idea where the pet come from. I do hatch several dragon eggs, but I didn't notice anything lost.
  14. Every time I lost my pet, I will go straight to the tavern and scavenger, sometimes it's there, but several time, not. But I saw that, when we got full bag and pick anything more, then it will show in the scavenger with 3 h timer, but I never found a timer in the pet that recycle in the scavenger. Though they said only 30 mins, luckily, every time I found it and got it back immediately. Thus they told that, it's do need to share this information to everyone, and thanks you for sharing.
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