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  1. Hello, I have noticed this before and wasted gold and it is still the same. I just spent over 30K Gold on rerolling my pets stats to get the best ones that I want.. So after getting it, I selected it and chosen it.... Yet my pets stats are still showing the same, when I selected different ones. Any idea what is going on and how to fix it? I have unequip, swapped pets and everything and still no update. So basically I wasted gold and stones for nothing.
  2. Hello, Just logged into the game to start the monthly November. I had three dailies sitting there, I completed two of them in one game and yet the monthly for earn 50 Wyvern Tokens did not changed.. Still shows 0/50... A friend ALSO had the same thing, so I am wondering. Isit bugged already or are we missing something? Yes, these dailies contained the tokens inside, I know how to play the game!
  3. Hello, I just done a free play and picked up all the items on the ground, pressing I and my inventory had nothing in there (Because I previous cleaned it out) so I done another game picking up legendaries, mythicals, blues, greens and NOTHING, not even my gold was changed and I picked up a lot of golden bags... I then tried NM4 map with friends and picked it all up there, NOTHING... I have lost a lot of gold, good NM4 gear because they are not showing in my inventory!!!! I then tried Onslaught because I wanted to get a Kato egg for the new premium pet (I bought crowns for this) and I see
  4. Sup people, I am looking for some nightmare 3 or 4 players who actually want to get some high level gear with End Game maps or End Game Incursion/ Onslaught. I have some good DPS towers and setups so I can build or if you have better you can, I just need some help with controlling the lanes because I cannot do it alone all the healing, jumping back and for. I am searching for players who play the game and know what they are doing, have good builds and not people who want to leech stuff, I will remove from the game and friendlist if I notice this. Here is my page: http://steamcommunity.co
  5. I'm down as I am looking for the same people to play with: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Menphues/ Adding you now
  6. There is no micro transactions in the game at all to make you better, no caps nothing. The only concept of micro transaction is buying crowns to unlock boxes (all cosmetic) or buying new clothing from the wardrobe (cosmetic and not all are good) buying bigger bag space and finally increasing pet bag space (not needed) and buying premium pets to transform the egg So you need to look into the game first before random angry thread
  7. I am down for some NM4/3 if you want to add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Menphues/
  8. Hello, Playing the game my friends and I noticed something and are confused. When placing a barricade down with my build, the green bar I see 112,884 but when I inspect the item I see 83,631.... So which health is correct? The inspection or the green bar because they are showing different stuff and are majorly confused. Thank you
  9. Oh I think I have been totally blonde and tried clicking normal incursion :p I did not know it was the end game stuff!
  10. Hello, So, I been playing this game a while, I can do end game nightmare one perfectly fine.... When I load incursion, I have one map and it's only on hard, and no more maps, no choice of difficulty, nothing. I've complete this map over and over, is there any way I can get more difficulties or maps? The same goes for free play, I can only go to hard and I cannot choose anymore after, even though the arrow is greyed out. The same goes for onslaught, there is only two map choices for one, one on normal and two on hard. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message.
  11. Hello, So this has been happening for me since autoloot has been introduced. Lets say I select the first two bags for autoloot TICK... The bags will fill up and then stop and place the items in a different bag, so bag 4 or 5... Making it pointless because the bags I tick for auto loot do not always get used, it's normally other bags which are not ticked!
  12. It doesn't seem to solve the issue with Tower View though ... End Key problem is clearly not so important but it would still be nice for those using the arrow keys. Arrow keys are now working with MMB working too for me
  13. I just exactly the same thing with the quests not showing on the screen, changed lobby and they all reappeared but all was reset back to 0. ***ing annoyed!
  14. Hello, Anyone else have the monthly reset? I was one legendary off and now it's gone all back too zero, I have relogged and still the same!
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