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  1. As the title states I'm looking for a group for a boss run, I have a Tower App/Aura Monk/Dps Hunt - the Aura and Tower App have pretty good stats 500/800/500/500 pretty mcuh for Both my Dps Hunt is ok, only like 400 Hero Dmg but I have decent Resists and HP on her. SteamID - rjack10 add me or post back if you wanna get a group going
  2. Bump! Still no luck on finding one :(, if you have one for sale let me now :D!
  3. Well, I'm kinda broke atm so 70m is all I got :(
  4. I'm looking for a fairy preferably with no negative stats and a base of 15+ and at least 25 upgrade levels. Just post back or add me on steam (ID = rjack10) with a price.
  5. Around what waves does the good armor start dropping, I've only been able to clear 3-5 waves of Endless Spire Mix Mode HC.
  6. I need help finishing Insane Zippy Terror, its my last challenge I need for my achievement so if anyone is able to help me. Add me on steam - id = rjack10
  7. Leave a post with the stats/price and steamid!
  8. I have a little OCD about this but, I would love to be able to move my character from different pages so I could have page 1 be my dps characters, and page 2 for my tower characters.
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