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  1. Does it eat carrots everywhere along the way? That means it must has a high metabolism. Interesting theory!
  2. This bunny... ram... thing... it has no eyes, never has. How does it know where it is going? The issue is that it supposedly pulls the crystal cart... but how can it pull the cart if it cannot see where it is going? Is that the real reason why we keep stopping in dangerous territories? Because Trendy can't even give the poor creature eyes and it keeps crashing into crap? Literally unplayable. Uninstalling.
  3. At higher level end-game there really is no 2 hero meta, however for campaign and normal gameplay with a friend I recommend one friend having a Squire with Defense Health and Defense Power for barricades and physical damage cannons, and the other friend having an Apprentice with Defense Power and Hero Damage for magic damage and DPS. They make a pretty decent combo. However, I never recommend sticking to just one meta, as part of the joy of the game is that there are tons of combos to use. Maybe each of you level up two hereos each at the same time and have fun experimenting would be even more enjoyable.
  4. Longform: Once there are multiple main campaign bosses, any plans for a boss-rush mode with unique rewards? Maybe Bob Ross afros for our heroes? I have always been a huge fan of bush rush modes in other games, and it would be fun to have maybe an arena style map spawning boss after boss until we've beat them all. Of course this is probably a year down the road from being possible, but I wanted to implant this seed now. C'mon Brad, think Megaman! Are there any plans for recognizing RQA or RPG volunteers uniquely on the forums, in-game, or in the games credits? Are there any plans to implement an in-game player-helps-player system with a volunteer group for support? Are there any plans to implement a system to adopt new players as our own and help guide them along with maybe a unique reward for them reaching a certain milestone? Not a question, but props to Brad for wearing an N7 shirt on the 11/06/2015 dev stream. Huge ME fan. Also not a question, just a reminder to Brad to get a haircut before he turns into a hippy.
  5. Then who will wield the axe? He's the most qualified, after all.
  6. Update: It FINALLY dropped in Ghastly > Map 1 against a Ghastly Apprentice. It took probably 26 runs total across the maps and difficulties, and I got several of the other heroes weapons in the process. However, I am finally Ghost Of [FF] Anomaly, whahaha!
  7. The obviously brilliant idea to have a "bearicade" in Dungeon Defenders 2 is simply appauling. So I ask the community, are we really going to stoop to Brad's level? Sure, they will be able to stop enemies, and they are part bear, but saying this isn't animal cruelty is an outright fabrication. Enough of this. Nobody is thinking about the innocent animals.
  8. Ok, after 18 runs today since patch today, on ipwr 200+, all on apprentice, both solo and with a full group, 0 of the new weps dropped, over 150 orange chests open, probably 60 of the bosses fought... nothing. New apprentice wep is just not dropping. Is it just me and the RNG gods hate me or is it bugged today? :( It's the only one I have left to complete all of the challenges for the event.
  9. Nightmare modes 3 and 4. thanks is it only incesions tho?? It can drop from any chest in NM3 and NM4, but I do believe it has the highest chance of dropping in Incursion > Ramparts because of the booss.
  10. I feel, other than boosting barricade HP via large sphere for very few needed situations, right now the boost aura is completely useless. It barely makes a difference and needs a lot of improvement.
  11. As with every year, I plan on donating at least $100. I am so excited that you guys are doing this! <3 casters guild!
  12. Right now most people say NM1-NM4 Liferoot, but I have had more luck and an easier/faster time with Freeplay Hard's Gates of Dragonfall.
  13. I like having the ability to kill myself anywhere I want. I do what I want.
  14. FYI as of today 10/22/2015 patch 7.7 this is still an issue. The jump key got fixed a few patches ago, but Defense View is still having issues. Bump for viability.
  15. I got this too on the launcher saying the 7.7 patch is the 22nd, and the word ascension. However it does NOT say that this is part II, just patch 7.7. This is extremely confusing.
  16. There has been a sticky in this very section on this since early early this morning explaining everything and what's being done about it. Did any of you even bother looking?
  17. Neither of mine got it either. I guess it's a gamble.
  18. Can this thread be locked by a mod please? There is absolutely nothing to gain from this thread continuing on. I think everybody has said their piece. Constructive criticism is fine but this thread has gone far off the deep end.
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