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  1. I left the game aside for a couple months because I knew busting my ass fighting against pure RNG to refine my gear was a bad idea knowing an endgame update was coming. What I didn't expect, however, is that they would openly state that the game would be going down the "power creep" road. I just read this on the news tab: "This update contains Chaos I, II, III, IV and V; more Chaos tiers to come in future updates." Basically, this means there is no point in playing the game now because future update will render all your gear obsolete. No sidegrades or alternative equipment, just 100% upgrades.
  2. As KnowsNoLimits said, it's not about the grind but about how unrewarding the game is at it. Right now, farming 700+ gear is incredibly time consuming for what little reward you get (if any), so when I heard about upcoming changes I decided it wasn't worth it to play until that update. There's not much else to it, really. And by the way, power creep is not something inherent to loot-oriented games at all, it's something you find in F2P games since they need an excuse to make you come back and keep playing (and hopefully spend some more money, in the developer's eyes I mean). No game should be
  3. The difference between using lvl 700 and 750 gear is marginal, and coupled with how hard is to roll a good piece of gear is, and how many heroes you'd need to gear up... Let's say I have other games I'd rather spend my time on. I personally enjoy the feeling of progression, which is why I play loot-oriented games such as this one, so power creep is simply a kick in the shins. If you still love playing the game I'm glad for you, but objectively there's a lot of improvement to be made.
  4. I just wanted to know if there's any point at all in playing the game at the moment when you take into consideration how frustrating farming 700-750 gear is, like "I've played for the whole weekend and I haven't found a single good piece of equipment" level of frustration, and then I hear NM5 and endgame "changes" are coming. If power creep is becoming the new trend I really see no point in playing at all. I really want to like this game but it's incredibly unrewarding, and on top of that there's the power creep. I'm not sure why the playerbase is so small at the moment, but for me this is the
  5. You just need to set the ilvl requirement before creating a game. The update simply set 0 as the default value, and I can understand why. Many players didn't even step on NM4 because they didn't know they could change that value, and therefore were stuck on lower difficulties.
  6. Thank you for your response, javahawk. I didn't really think of consoles, I must admit. Maybe the biggest issue with the new UI is that the scroll feels really unresponsive, whereas the old UI didn't have that problem since there were no need for scrolling at all. I'm also glad to hear you guys are working in an inventory revamp since as of now, navigating through the bags is kind of annoying, specially when you have many of them (again, the scroll is super laggy and most of the time I find myself having to click multiple times to reach the pets bag because the scroll doesn't work at all).
  7. Simply put, the older game browser UI was better in every aspect. Scrolling through the map list is slow for some reason (very unreponsive to the mouse wheel), you cannot see who the host of a game is, and you have to click them in order to see the session's current wave. I feel like the new UI has been designed for people with sight problems. The map icons has at least doubled in size, which was unnecessary. The sessions list has enough room to show waves, why do we have to click on every session to see that information? But not being able to see the host is the worst. There aren't many NM4
  8. If the game was harder I wouldn't play it for sure. Not because I don't like challenges but because the rewards are not worthwhile. Sure, you can easily go through any map with little effort but how many maps do you have to finish to even have a 700+ item to drop? Then you need it to be as close as 750 as possible, to have the right stats, to have the right affixes and then for them to roll high. And of course, you'll want to gear every character, not just one. No, just no. If they plan to make the game harder, that's cool, but for the love of all that is sacred, make it worth it. Reward the p
  9. What do you mean by "those who existed previously"? Didn't they gave them all away at the same time (after the wipe)? I don't see why some have stats and some don't, am I missing something?
  10. I've been playing quite a bit lately after a long break so I've probably missed a few important changes, yet I haven't found anything regarding this. The thing is, I've seen some people with golden monthly pets and I was wondering how could you get those in the first place, since monthly pets came in regular eggs if I remember well. I know they are not obtainable as of now anyway, but I was curious. The other question was about Grumpy, the pet they gave to those who reached level 25 before the wipe. It had no empowerment stats, or so I thought. I encountered a player in the hub with a Grumpy t
  11. Didn't think of the accessories. That's good to know, thank you.
  12. Well, I guess it encourages actual team play, unlike DD1 where a single person would usually build and all the others would just upgrade and repair. I can see how hero deck is an issue, though, specially for solo play... What if they gave us the option of solo play (and by that I mean letting no one in your game, not even by sending invites) with the advantage of being able to use all of our heroes, and leave the deck system for multiplayer (both public and private)? Just my opinion.
  13. I'm in love with the SteamPunktress skin, basically, but I'm hesitant to buy it now, so the question is: Have skins ever been on sale in the game? Also, will the price of existing skins go down when they release more of them? I'm wondering this because that's a 1200 gem skin, whereas Red Riding is a 800 gem one, and Goblin Infiltrator 400, but I started playing again about a week ago after a long pause so I can't tell if skins have ever had a different price.
  14. It's much clearer now, thank you for the replies. However I don't feel like pets being the main focus (if not the only one) of gold sinks is a good idea. Say you use some gems to hatch a premium pet and you're unlucky with the rerolls - will you just dump it even though you spent real money on it, or keep rerolling at those astronomical prices? It doesn't make me feel like acquiring one, honestly.
  15. If you can roll the same exact numbers on every pet regardless of rarity, what does "base stats" mean, then? Getting higher rolls right out of the egg? If the roll brackets were different I would understand that but this is kind of pointless in my opinion. As for the gold sink... that's a shame. I was really excited about the possibility of rerolling them after that patch, but the costs are way too high.
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