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  1. Passives could be replaced by a socket and gem system like in D3. That way you only have to find the right gems ones and can switch them out if you want to change your play style. Upgrading the gems could work like the forge does for items. So you can still upgrade your wall gems without having to playing as a squire.
  2. If people have to pay for heroes it's going to create a crap storm every time you change something. You can't just nerf something people have paid real money for. Just look at World of Tanks. Even op premium tanks stay unchanged to not upset the customers and are instead removed from the shop.
  3. Yeah, they said they would add them like 5 months ago on stream. They should write things down.
  4. And why? There is nothing to gain anymore. Meta is still the same, heroes are still one trick ponies, the weapons are still boring compared to DD1, onslaught is still a waste of time and there are still no challenges to complete other than farming monthly pets.
  5. They behave like a little kid. The more you tell them that they are wrong the more stubborn they behave. I am waiting for the day when they throw everything off the table and destroy it out of infantile rage. It's fun to watch.
  6. I want this. Hire this guy and fire whoever thought that making items boring was a good idea.
  7. Leveling new heroes is fun. That's why I got 13 at lvl 50. But the problem is I can't use most of them. And the ones I use are highly specialized because items don't have enough stats and passives.
  8. Looks like they consist of 90% art team. They should get some non art people on board.
  9. This Forum is full of stuff people want to see changed and they even tell you exactly how you fix it, but somehow trendy thinks they know it all better and do their own thing. Where are the people that did DD1? It seems only the art team is left because new skins is the one thing we can bank on for every update.
  10. They call this an alpha but are unwilling to do any kind of radical changes and only stick to their 'master plan'. If they at least would do something! Do some tests. But they just don't care. At least we get 4 new skins a month... Who would want challenge maps with unique weapon drops or anything that made DD1 great?!
  11. I don't think it is ok that a mod pushes his personal agenda by using the dev tracker. I call that abusing of power. Removing the hero deck makes the game unplayable for casual players?
  12. These are the consequences of your argument. "Want to play this game without limits? Better bring more than one account!" Not the first time this happens in a F2P game.
  13. The devs seem to think that they know best what the average player wants and that they have to balance the game around them. By doing so ignoring the dedicated fans which watch their streams and use the forums. But in reality the average player doesn't care at all if he can bring 4 or 40 heroes he just wants a fun game.
  14. No need to complain as soon as they remove it. This is an alpha game and the hero deck is a stupid system. Remove it until you come up with something better! Only 2.3% of all players have 4 heroes over the level of 25 anyway. Most people won't notice the change and the dedicated players that spend money on this game are happy. So you think it's a good idea to force people to make multiple accounts to be successful? Awesome idea!
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