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  1. I was telling him that, but he refused to believe me, insisting that "its not cheating because it doesn't give you an advantage", so I posted on here so when I argue with him next time, I have proof.
  2. My friend found a way to edit the game files (I think) so that the game speed is either increased or decreased. this makes heroes shoot faster, move faster, ect. It also make enemies move and shoot faster. It increases the speed of everything in the game. He has been doing this on local, and he insists that this isn't cheating. I want to make sure before I play in a game that he is hosting, because I do not want to be banned. Would be awesome if I could get a dev to respond.
  3. I would like a few runs please. I have 4 70s that are all decently geared so I can help out if you want. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965139739/home
  4. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, but when I enter my tavern and I go to the new PvP map, there is a "GET" button where the "GO" button usually is. When I click on this, it takes me to the steam page where I guess you would download the DLC, but instead it takes me to the main page. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not out yet?
  5. My point has already been expressed intelligently and comprehensibly for the majority of my participation in this thread. I had to check out of it when kids started to blatantly contradict themselves and resort to ad hominem. Check your tone, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since your new to this discussion. If you don't have anything intelligent left to say, then you shouldn't be posting anymore. Anything of value or intelligence that you may have posted prior to your childish posts have lost all credibility now as well. So, at this point, you have contributed nothing of either val
  6. TLDR: You guys are bad, L2P. Im on your side in this argument, but you are hurting your own point by being a child. Make constructive, intelligent replies or shut the **** up and go to bed, because if you are as old as you are portraying yourself with your recent posts, your bedtime was about hours ago.
  7. This argument is getting ridiculous. TLDR: Insane mode is in place to test your reaction speed, strategic planning abilities, and efficiency. The timer is a necessary element of this mode and the mode would become trivial if it were removed, even if other elements were added to try to rebalance the difficulty. Honestly, if you are really having THAT much trouble with insane, you just aren't skilled enough in the areas that insane mode tests. Not that you are necessarily a bad player, just that you are lacking in certain areas, and those areas are crucial to success in this mode. This would
  8. I used to play chess quite a bit and its still one of my favorite things. Insane mode is more like your playing chess without knowing what any of the moves are,your timed, and it takes time to actaully do what you want. It doesnt take that long to put your hand on a chess piece and move it into place. but it takes time to analyze what your opponent just did, what he is going to do next move and several moves later and how the move you are about to make is going to help you not only counter him, but also work towards checkmate. In competitive chess, you are timed, and although you
  9. My main problem with the timer is that it cuts out me being able to analyze what is coming in the wave and actually learn what needs to be done in order to make it through the map. Since you guys like comparing this to chess the timer on insane is like playing chess when you dont know any of the moves with a timer. This is where the DIFFICULTY comes into play. You need to not only build your defenses quickly, but you also need to create a good enough defense so that WHATEVER is coming will be stopped. This is where the SKILL and PLANNING come into play, hence creating a harder DIFFICULT
  10. Ill buy the 2nd from the bottom one, 1 mil. Steam id:strawberries!
  11. I'll buy the top one for 1m. steamid: strawberries!
  12. what are the stats on the near pefect one??
  13. 118/161 27 upgrades. PM me on here if interested.
  14. So the other day I did my first summit on hard and I got a flamewarder with 24 upgrade levels and 305 fire dmg. I know that this is a good weapon but I am confused as to how people get these flamewarders with dmg in the thousands. Every time I have upgraded an item it has increased the stat by 1, is elemental dmg different? Also, the flamewarder has 84% block on it, is it worth getting that up to 104%?? Any help would be appreciated.
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