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  1. Number of players also increases the ammount of loot that stays on the ground :)
  2. Ty for this guide! my stat are around 2k for every builder.... Yesterday i've used this to pass wave 30 without any problem! ty again! (and sorry for my bad english) Happy it worked for you! :)
  3. BadMrFrosty

    Item Check Thread

    k i still wanna see others opinions You should trust Steepers, he's right.
  4. BadMrFrosty

    Item Check Thread

    Check this for me please Hasn't this been checked like 2 times before?
  5. :( Sad to see you go. .. why start fresh under a sneaky ninja name!? :summoner:
  6. BadMrFrosty

    Item Check Thread

    That's Commish's old armor calculator spreadsheet. Doesn't check Ult++, it functions OK but it's not super-slick like mine. Interesting decision to release it. In b4 tons of Ult+ sets with near-cap stats and near-max upgs get spammed everywhere. +1 Won't be surprised by what'll appear on the forums within the next few days. Will be interesting ^^ EDIT: Posted before I saw your comment, sorry Ice ^^
  7. Why would people NOT ask questions after a big reveal like this has been made? 0.o
  8. I'd gamble, but i'm more of a gambler by nature ^^
  9. The RPG co-op & MOBA competitive part got me hooked. Not 100% on the graphics but i'll probably come around :p
  10. Hopefully it's on Steam. But hey, i'll play it anyway ^^
  11. Who would claim such a thing? 0.o We all know you're a famous relic hunter ;)
  12. These kinds of posts make me want to start over fresh :(
  13. Or a friendly forum member could be nice and set you up. Nice guy = BadMrFrosty Even people with "Bad" in their name can be good sometime! ^^
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