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  1. Um, your mic is terrible, may I suggest upgrading it. Also, please DON'T start all your videos like that if you do make them, thanks. Same sentiments.
  2. Too Pink Didn't Read. ^^ yup
  3. Was doing Misty using Kandar's build and for the first time from many runs I experienced the Ghost Ogre (walking through blockades). The ogre just walked right through the blockade while I sat on a harpoon. WALKED right THROUGH a spiked blockade. Instead of coming up with b.s. content, Trendy should try to fix existing problems.
  4. Just waiting on Steam to add it in the store (even though it's free) so we can play it :D Click to get it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/204388/ Edit 2: It's PvP and it is pretty lame.
  5. @OP Like the idea as it would be very useful in mixed mode. @Black Mamba -_-
  6. Just finished doing survival mixed mode misty and loot sucks compared to wave 28+.
  7. I call shenanigans because of the resists and a few other discrepancies. I won't say it's hacked just based on the fact that it doesn't have enough negative stats because not all high end gear drops are severely gimped. But I would be wary about most of his gear having 250s upgrades. I'd say the picture was taken in Nightmare (Glitterhelm Caverns) which makes me wonder why would someone up resists on a builder rather than pour the points into useful stats. Also why give that gear to a Countess and not a Squire where they would benefit better from it? In summary, gear is more than likely hac
  8. Now that mixed mode works do not try this setup with it xD Wyverns will kill that crystal very fast!
  9. You can't sell it nor trade it. Just drop it on one of the tavern's table so your guests can look at it :/
  10. Nerf goes up, nerf goes down. Nerf goes up, nerf goes down.
  11. Hey just finished nm survival using your build...sort of. The crystal got hurt using a pure Squire setup so I modified it a bit and afterwards crystal never got touched. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=18280 Took me 5hrs to finish :O but I blame the pure squire setup for that. Later on I added the proximity traps. Also used bowling balls in the back which was perfect! I retained your bouncer locations though. I played with random people and used a Barbarian with a DPS Robot (200^s).
  12. This is a hacked Tsuda's Final Creation. It's about as legit as this staff :rolleyes: I had reported that user to Trendy last month yet he's still around ...meh
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