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  1. Hmmm what if it is a combination of clear marks, activate traps and shrine? Trigger all 4 spiders in the right order? Clearing a mark, trigger a trap and go back to the shrine and all that in the right order? Maybe even changing Classes between the Waves? I need to test if the Holy thing change in any way if i clear marks or trigger traps. The annoying part is that i need soooo much time for every test because i always need to play to wave 6 .... well played trendy, well played. Somehow the new Hints here in the Forum didnt help me... 4 on 6 you've already seen So you showed it in the s
  2. What i tested: Jumped on all 4 Pillars with all 4 Heroes (every wave a other hero) with holy aura while no mark was spawned. I also had Skeleton Skin and Halloween Weapons equipt but i dont think that this matters because the secret will still be there after the Halloweenfeatures are gone. It didnt do anything. Also tried to hit the Buttonlike thing on the spawnpoint with holy Aura and every hero. Also dont do anything. I dont get it... 4People or 4 Steps ... Only thing i can think of is that this means we need all 4 classes to activate something. Its the only thing we realy can do solo
  3. Thats the "spooky suprise" that was mentioned in the patch notes?? Its not realy a suprise because you can read the reward in the challenge menu. Maybe everyone with the title get a suprise after the event?
  4. I managed to get 50 Hulks with hardcorefarming before the Patch. Now my Freetime is over and i try to get the last Hulks with a Match or 2 Onslaught engame hard (15 Rounds) if i get some Time. Normaly i get around 3 Hulks per Match .... after the patch i did 2 Matches and got 1 Hulk... Yea they lowered the chance for them and i think its because they want more Players with missing Hulks for thier upcomming "secret" event.... i just hope i can play at that time...
  5. @antiproton quote: Good Points there. The unintended part is because thier itemsystem dont work with this kind of Scavanger. Funny is that it would work with the old DD1 Item System. If they want to keep the Scavanger how he is, they would need some old Features: 1. Items on the ground getting autoselled at the start of the next Wave. In DD1 we had way more drops of Items every wave just because everything on the ground got selled in the General Manapool. Even normal Mobs droped a good amount of items because of this. This would fix the too many Items for the world and with less items on t
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