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  1. Wait I thought it releases on switch in February??
  2. Thank you for contributing to Dungeon Defenders so much. We'll miss you
  3. I would like this as well But what happens when the host leaves? It 'd be annoying to get kicked out everytime the host left
  4. Or we could allow the host of the game to choose who to kick
  5. They were there when Trials first came out but got removed temporarily But Trendy have yet to change it
  6. Played DD1 a lot on PS3 Bought it on PC during steam summersale and played on that a little bit aswell Also tried Xbox but the mods were too much
  7. Happens on PS4, and it does happen when you have to scroll down. Especially, when you're searching everything at once
  8. It's been a thing since the start It'll probably be fixed in the next optimization update
  9. DD2 is apperaing on the xbox store but it keeps on saying 'Game not available' Anyone else having the same problem?
  10. This would help immensly when taking on a new chaos tier
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