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  1. There are, but you also need an old OS to run it on.
  2. DD First Wave for the win! Most epic mobile game ever. :)
  3. The only reason you're asking is because you know it's hacked. It's not even questionable! The "I got it from a friend" line is ALWAYS bs. ..
  4. its been asked for several times, i'm guessing it,s too hard to impliment for some reason...
  5. rp3


    Good to see Tsuda back to keep a reign on things. ;)
  6. Just proves they are everywhere... :D
  7. I did this solo on Hardcore Insane. I haven't tried this out on hardcore yet but I will be as soon as I stop being lazy. Contradicting much? :) ..
  8. lol, nice one. :) need to see a nightmare version. ;)
  9. If this kid can't afford the game, he sure as **** doesn't have a PC to run it. It's just another scammer to suck in the gullible.
  10. Either the beta team is useless or trendy just ignore them. ;) But as we all know, this is but a drop in the ocean... ...
  11. Open characters are ONLY saved locally. They are gone now.
  12. It's simple, if you don't know, then it's not for you. im interesting applying for the beta but i have no clue what they mean by "prepare a short description of their IT, QA, map balance/design" mainly cuz idk wat IT or QA mean, or what kinda map balance information they are interested in....sorry if this sounds dumb but i seriously have no clue what to put for that and i really wanna help with beta testing
  13. Hey iyn! Most left with the constant yoyo patching. Sad but the game is pretty wrecked.... I did get to play with cnoone and mookmonster a lot in the early pc days though. ;)
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