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  1. i my favorite item in DD is the coals they are just so valuable https://steamcommunity.com/id/Yaggrasial/
  2. I cant decide which is my favorite, but ill just say both. The first one was about 3-2 years ago now, and it was Me, NoVa, OtterDarkness, and Sein, we would just play the Margo for ever farming for bonestaffs and seeing who can build the best, and we would always play for hours doing almost anything together the way i would remember it... My next memory has to be about about 7 years ago i think now it was around the time sky city came out and the other maps, anyway i was grinding away trying to murder the Spider queen in Mistymire forest and i will never forget the day i final killed her... my eyes where hurting it was dark cold and just an amazing experience, after so long being able to beat the map.. After that it just meant that aqua, Margo, and sky where next and the grinding hadn't stop... but along side this i always would run kingsgame for hour upon hours just because i like the music and people i would meet, honestly if i do say so myself i would of not played this game so long if it wasn't for people that i would meet around in pubic matches helping and just having fun... all my heros have 6k-8k stats now and i just got back to the game after a rough 2 year break due to college just to hear that the last update of the game was release and im sad to see this, i would of never though something i loved so much would be coming to an end, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about this because this game was there for me when ever i needed it and when ever i need to have fun... Thank you for all the memories... P.S. sorry about the last part kinda went out of order where i needed to go... they're to to many memories i can pick and talk about but i must just say this game was amazing and well forever be with me... if anyone wants to play add me ill be getting on more more as time goes by... https://steamcommunity.com/id/Yaggrasial/
  3. favorite item has to be to the curse brownie... https://steamcommunity.com/id/Yaggrasial/
  4. What stats do you have? It works well with my normal stats, but I've been trying to use lower stats to see what it requires. So far I found: 1k stats - fails 1st wave 2k stats - some archers died on wave 20 (west wall) 3k stats - some archers died on wave 30 (north wall) I'm going to try bumping minion health up to 4k next . . . so the way i build it is using buffs on the archers, and i believe that you could get by with roughly 3k to 3.5k thp dmg at 6k with moderate summoner heals but it is a bumby right, a 4.5k thp summoner is a smooth ride however
  5. umm i mainly have 90 cubes in diamonds, but i also have mr.skelly, beans, ygks, an npc(idk yet tho i might use it...) n someone more but i do not know off the top of my head sorry...
  6. i am looking for an ult dps set with cap res, dmg and decent enough ab2 n hp... idk what to ask but i can pay in diamonds n maybe events.. im also looking for a good 100k+ scepter lol...
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