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  1. I can confirm they drop with defence and hero passives, ran map many times today still haven't seen a better baster caster then 8s 1 I currently have but i can hope right lol
  2. Has anyone seen a Caster Blaster recently? been trying to find out what maps its from or where, not seen one in ages.
  3. Like I mentioned in my stream on Friday, we're working on revamping our bug reporting system so players can give us more visibility on which bugs/issues are more pressing than others. This is an Early Access game and bugs are to be expected, but we want to make sure we're tackling the bugs and issues that are causing a lot of frustration while we continue to develop the game. Right now, bug reports are given to us everywhere (bug form, official forums, Steam forums, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, support tickets, private messages, etc.). By having everything fragmented, it can be difficult for us as a small team to gather all of that together to understand, okay, these are the most pressing bugs we need to fix because these are having the most impact on your gameplay. Also, the main way of gathering bugs (our in-game bug reporting form) is not public and forces players to submit all of the details on a bug, which is stopping some players from telling us about bugs. The new system we're investigating would allow players to "upvote" bugs they're seeing as a way of saying, yeah, I'm experiencing this, too, and please fix this before other bugs. TL;DR We want to fix every bug, but we're working on a system that lets you tell us which bugs to prioritize over other bugs. (Also, the broken skill spheres should be fixed in our next patch.) (Also also, I have "please look into Skyguard balance" in my community feedback report this week.) Early Access...lmao i've been playing for almost a year. I;ve been dealing with the bugs..just got tired of it, gonna wait till full game maybe. When an if it comes to full game that is. Its been a great game so far.
  4. I stopped playing because of all the bugs they never seem to fix.. Example: the large spheres don't do *** anymore after last patch. i'm just tired of the BS new stuff out but they can't fix the old ***.Just saying.
  5. I disagree, I use medals for my last few levels on upgrading gears. but this is just my opinion. Leave the medal option but don't use if you don't like it.
  6. gear wipe...no thanks, i'll pass, not even gonna ty for the offer. lol
  7. I love Onslaught, yea it needs work but i enjoy the 5-8 hr runs.
  8. There will be no more monthlys anymore on pc...tomorrow you get the bling king incursion update which will introduce weekly quests instead of the monthly missions. They will be easier to do for casual players too, be more fun and not endless grinding and reward you a bigger amount of defender medals than the monthlys in total. Watch their dev streams or if you don't want/have the time read this short thread instead: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/135515/whats-coming-up-next-updated-june-1st-2016 Thx for the info. No i hadn't watched the video yet. :)
  9. PC doesn't even have Junes monthly yet :(
  10. DD 1 unkown because i was on PS3 DD 2 1,018 hrs an climbing
  11. depends on map i;ve used all of the maps but the easy map is liferoots trap/frosty setup. Just my opinion.
  12. Sharken were the be all end all mob and my favorite enemy bar none. To this day people are scared of them. Respect. yup I agree worst mob ever. I use to just hunt those in that map, an count how many per wave cuz i wanted to make sure they all died fast. I still dread these guys lol
  13. I run onslaught after round 8 its all pretty much 700 ipwr sure it can take abit but on average I spend about 4-6 an i have most of the set if not all of it by time i'm done but i dedicate my full day off work to it. Just my opinion, i find you only have to setup once unlike going from map to map, most likely why i prefer onslaught.
  14. not hard to get just need time, like everything in life. It'll come in time. I;ve seen 3 in tavern shop. an only seen 1 drop on NM 4 ramparts. Yes i spent about 3 weeks playing ramparts daily an finally got a NM 4 one. Just takes time if you want it, you'll get it.
  15. why nerf something that's already been nerfed before? makes no sense. Get a brain, ask your local school for education and come back. no need to be rude was just saying there no point in nerfing a pet thats been nerfed before. Telling people to get a brain go back to school is not cool, don't be a bully.
  16. why nerf something that's already been nerfed before? makes no sense.
  17. I stick with my huntress, Armored cleanser an Dragonlitch pet. Rip ogres up pretty fast with sticky nades. In my opinion all can be great dps characters, just depends how ppl gear up in the end.
  18. So, let me get this straight, anyone that has complaint with the hero pricing, and gets met with the "get a job, ask for money from your parents, pick up bottles", which heavily implies financial status AKA effectively implying they're poor, is just supposed to endure that as "respectful opinionated discussion"? That is some biased moderating in my honest opinion. I do see your point and Yes I may have not thought my comment all the way through an how other might take it. I do apologize for that , it wasn't intended. I was only trying to say that if you don't wanna earn the medals there are plenty of ways to earn a few bucks to buy the new toons an 15 bucks isn't rly much was all i was tryin to say. the bottles or job was not intended to insult anyone, was just options.
  19. People still complain 15 bucks too much? Get a job, go collect bottles, go cut a few lawns its rly not hard to get 15 bucks an thats freaking cheap for a new char.
  20. Pay attention people your own fault just my opinion.
  21. i have 4 chars 720-740 ipwr, i just don't play public.
  22. 700 cap but upgraded gear will increase yer ipwr but you won't find a ipwr 720 1/43 yet. Example i have a 720 bow but its 40/40 upgrades
  23. thx everyone who gave me info on my question. I appreciate it alot :)
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