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  1. Gems thrown off the maps Low levels that join c7 and start to build/won't sell/won't pass gems Players upgrading key towers during wave 4-5 perma-stunning it causing a lane breach (anti-air a common target) Players aggro mobs with a single auto attack and run weird paths to try to get the mobs to move past walls/edges. Players aggro kobolts in c7 and run to sub-objective or core. Players stand on core on assassin maps and let core die. (note I always explain the map rules beforehand) Players refusing to kick other players that may seem problematic. Players sell all defenses or one side
  2. Cleared it solo with no problem a day ago. Some players do troll keep that in mind, had a full c7 team of players upgrading my anti-air towers while the wave was in progress and the kobolts were incoming, they upgraded a tier 1 tower to tier 5 and the game was over since the tower was essentially stunned. Didn't understand this was how I kept losing c7 until the 2nd game when I witnessed it first hand. Also make sure players aren't standing anywhere that lines up with the core. Bad players aggro the kobolts with bad auto attacks and the kobolts fly to the player --- miss overhead --- an
  3. Took me days to get 1 legendary glove, legendary items are just rare in general at times.
  4. Random chest spawn, although incursions have better chances i gather
  5. This logic... You say sell value is a lie, then you say its the main attribute instead, THEN you close by saying avoid legendaries and stick to blues and greens ....if the main attribute is really what mattered then it doesn't matter which rarity you focus on............. I used sell value and turned c7 like last week. OR you can use the outdated method ^ DON'T unequip the other heroes!!!! PLEASE NO! Your team will hate you for it because MULE characters die so fast! Also it doesn't help you progress any faster. Just have 1 main hero for DPS and 1 clone of that hero to be the item MULE.
  6. Orb is good early on to reach attack speed caps for Crowd Control structures such as Earthtower (with earth toss shard) and a few other CC heavy structures. Later on the Orbs become rather useless since you can hit the cap without them. Marks can be better than Medals on certain structures. Some structures have a higher scaling with Crit Dmg than with Flat Dmg. Keep in mind though if you want to use Marks, you NEED to stat into Crit Chance on your ascension for your defenses or Crit Dmg will do little to nothing. Good thing this only requires you to be ascension level 60 to get 20 points int
  7. They simply implemented the cap on the towers but forgot to code it into the menu screen as well.
  8. 33% is the crit cap on structures hero crit cap is different
  9. We need more uses for gold, like buying ascension points just like we can buy pet levels with medals.
  10. Uh oh, stable boy has omelets on Sundays everyone knows that. I have had eggs glitch out as well, if it is not on any hero nor in the bags then I chalk it up to a bug, report it and hope for the best.
  11. First test was in Private, that way I could tally the upgrades and not have randoms upgrading the balloons. Public worked fine, minus the fact randoms still upgrading balloons...... Forgotten Ruins is a different build due to the number of lanes and choosing to give up the sub obj
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