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  1. Yo, I'm going to throw this out there for all you "yeah-right-you'll-be-back" ppl: You're totally right. Soon as the DLC drops, I'm going to come back and start over from scratch. I'm going to level everyone from 0 to 70 again, and farm back as much of my stuff as possible. There is no real escape from this game, so don't feel bad about your inability to leave. The world of girls is a myth. Just stick to video games, pizza, and internet porn till you die of heart failure at 45, hunched over your keyboard, trying to click "confirm" on a sweet deal for virtual goods that you'd never be able to
  2. I finally completed my escape from this ridiculously addictive game! All characters deleted, except for a level-1 duder named "TooAddictive" that I used to give away all my stuff to my buddy. Last time I had to ragequit a game because it was too addictive was for Ultima Online. So, thanks for a great game! (Sorry, would have posted this in my other thread, but some Trendy dude was like "HAHAHA WHATEVER YOU'LL BE BACK" and then locked my thread. Kinda makes you wonder if there's anyone at Trendy older than 20.) :| My only complaints about the game (none of which stopped me from playing):
  3. Problem solved. Just have friend start picking up items, and you can drop more. Duh.
  4. I'm trying to drop all my items on the ground so my buddy can pick them up, but it stopped letting me after a while. Is there a max limit, or did I bug something? Is there any fast way to just give another player all your stuff?
  5. Game too addictive. I was sitting in a tavern, waiting to sell some godly armors, when I realized, "holy ****, this game is turning me into a loser." I have to get out now before the new content comes in. I deleted all my characters and am giving away my loot to a friend. GJ Trendy, your game is so good I had to ragequit in order to have a life.
  6. [QUOTE]The only things you need to complete the map are 1x Builder who isn't worthless. 1x DPS that isn't worthless.[/QUOTE] Pretty much. [QUOTE]Is this an advertisement for people to group with you or just a public service announcement? I'm not sure which.[/QUOTE] Reading is hard.
  7. Just get a 30-charge staff with multiple projectiles. Up the elemental damage. Profit. The whole reason to go for insane DPS is to take out ogres and bosses quickly, and elemental damage does that. No one needs 100k DPS into mobs.
  8. Well, the projectile speed is good for PVP. Get a medium range blasticus, get the damage up to about 10k per second, then put everything else into projectile speed. You will dominate the pvp arena. :) No, seriously, if you have any FPS chops, you can kill people from huge distances, no matter how fast they're bobbing and weaving. ^^
  9. When my buddy is not online, I host an ANIMUS FARMING lobby. I do this to try and get a good squire animus. My reasoning was, "Huntresses with good DPS are a dime a dozen, and it's such a butt-easy class to play, any of them will do; all they need is a builder to give them a good summit insane setup to maintain." Good in theory. Bad in practice. Unless I switch to my huntress for final wave, these games only have about a 30% success rate. And it's not that they can't point and click just as well as anyone else (this isn't counter-strike--it takes no skill to hit your target), it's that the
  10. Yo, I love this logic. Wanna buy a huntress animus with 33 levels, 148 base damage, 4 attack speed, and all positive stats. Oh, only one caveat: she has no bonus projectiles. 1 mil. Total steal by your reasoning. Put you money where your mouth is. :D :D :D
  11. Insane would be trivial if it weren't for the build timer. The timer is what makes insane, insane. I gotta agree.
  12. So, I have a huntress guardian in my shop with 38 upgrades, starts at 13/9, and has positive stats except for hero attack -10 and firstskill -12. It's only 1.4 million. Worth buying? Obviously it would be for a towerbuild, right?
  13. Yo, I'm not racist at all, but there's like this thing with brazillian players. I was in a game with some. We played it out till the final round, and they kicked me just before the end. Another time I'm trying to sell a blasticus, and instead of giving me the 500k price, he keeps doing 5k and saying "PUSH CONFIRM PUSH CONFIRM." Another time this Brazillian guy is in a game lobby and he says "please give me 20 mana. I need for armor. Only 20 mana." I give him 20 mana. He says "Sorry, 50 more please. I count wrong." Someone else gives him the 50 more. He says, "Sorry, again, I count wrong again,
  14. I saw a huntress animus today with 7 upgrade levels. lol. It was impressively bad. Can you imagine going through all of insane summit to get that?
  15. Huntress is the only one I bother with effect-wise. Giant attack rate boost to a tower. So, the damage increasing one doesn't increase damage enough to be worth it?
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