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  1. Demon Lair Books with Defense Power is probably a glitch. The Green Dracolich is not returning as of now. But if you do something spectacular and advertise the game some how. You could receive a Golden Dracolich. Only person to have it is Roboticaust I believe.
  2. Could I get my 2 dailies back? They seem to be gone. Replace is a great word, but mine were removed.
  3. My Walls seem to have jump to 777k from it's normal 365k. They are at 1.5 Million at tier 5 and it seems to be staying that way even after switching maps.
  4. Pro Tip: Don't be shy, try playing with other Defenders. With other players, you could have more diverse builds. Making new friends make this game much more enjoyable.
  5. No they don't crit. it was stated in one of the recent dev streams that even though they have that stat, they do not crit and they plan on changing/removing it.
  6. Coolio, thanks for the server, is there a time where people are usually on or is it just EU night time?
  7. No, it isn't broken. Actually it has been through 2 nerfs, which I believe is too much. It was much harder before. Maybe it's a build flaw? Or builder? Or even dps? Last wave is harsh with the 3 ogres + 2 air spawns simultaneously. But definitely doable. I did it solo NM4 before the air nerf, so it is definitely possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESIy1S9SZhE Not to pass off as aggressive or anything, but when I stated broken, I didn't mean by the difficulty. I stated that me and a couple of others are always kicked (out of the game) halfway through the 5th round.
  8. Besty NM4 broken right now? Me and a couple others are always kicked the 1/2 way through round 5.
  9. Trendy stated that they would remove the Collectors Edition soon... soon= whenever they feel like.
  10. Shields don't have defense health... it to make it so the blockade isn't 400k hp at tier 1.
  11. RNG isn't on your side, I recently got Purge Evil on nm4 finally, but it had 218% purge on it so in the end, it's not that good. Even with boost, luck is still luck, it's not guaranteed.
  12. 1. It can be the servers - tends to be them a lot. 2. Your computer isn't strong enough to handle the game, lower the settings maybe. 3. Internet might not be good enough either. Usually one of those 3. If it isn't one of them, I would go to the Task Manager and set DD2 to higher priority, meaning a little less lag.
  13. The other shops open with level, being level 30 doesn't mean everything is unlocked. I believe the shop with the Uberspheres unlocks at 40 something or even 50.
  14. Being that Monk only has lightning auras to damage is what makes monk so underpowered. They are one of the most useful classes during endgame, but the weakest in early game. There is nothing to block waves, you don't have that much dps, and what little Crowd Control you have doesn't make up for the lack in everything else.
  15. They unlock through character level, not through completion.
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